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Online retailers across the automotive spectrum have come to Doogma to help them present their unique offering to their customers. The Doogma Designer is the perfect solution if you are selling or promoting a customized offering online. Many of the benefits are:

High Performance

Change paint colors, rims, decals and any other element in real-time. Give your customers the best online experience possible, and avoid the needless waiting such as in other possible solutions.

Easy Integration

With Doogma’s unique embed code implementation, there are little resources needed to get you selling. A simple copy and paste of a few lines of code is all you need for the designer to appear on your page. Taking payments is simple with our pre integrated PayPal checkout. We also offer “Request for Quote” options as well.

Fast Delivery Time

With our unique patented solution, Doogma can have a Designer up and running for your company in a matter of days. With traditional development of such a solution which can take weeks and months, Doogma’s Team can have a solution up and running in no time, and on your way to a better overall user experience.

Lets take a glance at some of Doogma’s clients in the automotive industry:

Graphics RV based in Indiana sells decals and graphics for all sorts of vehicles. They needed a way to allow their customers to visualize how the graphics would look as they were applied to their vehicle. Doogma created designers to allow their customers to choose their type of vehicle, apply the graphics they wanted and see exactly how it would look applied to their vehicle. The final price is affected as the user changes the graphics.

Another case example would be Holt Fiat of Dallas-Fort Worth. They created a marketing campaign of “Express Yourself” where the customer can choose their paint color preference and select an exterior design that best expresses themselves. Doogma worked with Brenda Dash to ensure all elements of the implementation were satisfactory to client.

Doogma’s other automotive clients include VGroup Holdings which manufactures Ute Trays and Touring Products which make Personal Chase Vehicles for Motorcycles. Doogma can design and execute the perfect solution for your online business.

Whether you sell custom cookies, custom cookie jars, baked items or other special foods, the Doogma Team can assist you to create the best online product customization experience to engage and thrill your customers.
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