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Bike Customizer

Streamline The Production Process And Sell More Custom Bikes:

Start pedalling with bike customization

People love their bikes. So much so that they’ll do anything to make them their own. Whether it’s a fresh paint job, a cool custom decal, slapping on some stickers, or upcycling an old favorite with new parts, a bike can say a lot about its owner’s personality. In that respect, most off-the-shelf bikes aren’t very exciting to buy. They come in standard colors and designs and are geared towards a wide range of buyers. But what if customers had the opportunity to personalize their bike at point-of-purchase, making their bike their very own from anywhere or from any device?

Doogma’s bike customizer gives customers the ability to design-their-own-bike before checkout. Whether it’s letting them unleash their creativity with retro decals and different colored components or giving them the option to build their bike from the ground up, our patented customization software is robust and flexible enough to handle it.

A new set of wheels on the block

After years of delivering projects in the product configuration space, we developed our very own patented technology, the Doogma Designer™. This unique and interactive SaaS solution offers businesses a user-friendly way to deliver a personalized shopping experience on their websites. Doogma Designer™ is the engine behind our bike customizer, a visual product configuration tool that allows customers to make instant changes to their designs. Our solution is platform agnostic and can be turned around in under 21 days, so you can start helping your website visitors design their dream bike in no time. 

Calling all sportives, commuters, and casual riders…

Increasingly, customers are seeking out online shopping experiences that allow them to express who they are. Putting a unique spin on the products they own is part of an ever-growing trend of sharing their personal tastes and style with the world. Help them achieve this with our bike customizer. Quick and simple to use with powerful visualization capabilities, it gives bike enthusiasts the power to create a bike they’ll take pride in riding. Customers can swap components in and out, change colors, and apply decals and graphics, all from their phone or laptop comfort.

Changes are quick and easy to make, and customers can ‘undo’ and ‘redo’ to their heart’s content. You can design your personalization experience as basic or sophisticated as you would like, depending on how many purchase options you require and how much customization power you want to give to your customers. All of our interfaces look sleek, perform seamlessly, and will integrate beautifully with your website and ordering system, so all you need to do is focus on providing excellent customer service.  

Switch gears for an exciting new customer experience

People really do love and care for their bikes. For some, they can be a one-in-a-million purchase they ride for years to come. If you can give them the chance to create a bike that truly reflects their personality and unique style, you’ll be offering them a brand experience like no other. Increase brand loyalty, engagement, and trust while turning brand fans into brand advocates with Doogma Designer™. 

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Sell more custom bikes with a Doogma Designer™ on your site. Users get to build their own bike starting with just a frame. Each element of the bike is selected from available high end parts. Users love to design and purchase their own custom designed bikes.
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