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Team Sports and Workwear Uniform Builders

Doogma has created thousands of product configurators and will work with you to create the Design Experience that works best for your products. Each online customization solution will be optimized for the specific uniform options.

Typical sports team uniform builders are used for basketball, baseball, football, cheerleading and many other team sports. If you’re looking for a workplace uniform designer, similar features will also be required.

Some of the popular features of Doogma Uniform Configurators include:

  • Each area of the uniform can be easily customized by shape, color and features
  • A powerful design your team logo that is displayed within the uniforms
  • Image and logo upload
  • Best performance. Click and Pick instant design environment
  • Social sharing of designs created by users

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Whether you sell custom cookies, custom cookie jars, baked items or other special foods, the Doogma Team can assist you to create the best online product customization experience to engage and thrill your customers.
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