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They specialize in Trophy Kits shipped right to your door. Their trophy kits come un-assembled. You do the assembly. This saves you money, and we are able to ship your order with minimal risk of damage.

Here you can design your own trophies. They offer more figure choices and column choices than any other trophy or award supplier on the internet. Trophy Kits can provide trophies and awards for any sport or event, including Baseball trophies, Soccer Trophies, Football trophies, Racing and Car show trophies, Bowling trophies, Basketball trophies, Golf trophies, Karate trophies, and many others.

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This great looking Doogma Plaque Designer is a excellent example of how easy it is to create a superb looking design-your-own award plaque product configurators. If you want to sell more personalized and customized plaques , please contact Doogma today.

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