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Use Our Product Configurator to Offer Personalized Home & Craft Products On Your Site

“Let’s take a glance at some of Doogma’s clients in the Home & Crafts industry:”

Pen Designer

Necklace Designer

Stationery Designer

Sellers of online crafts and home products have found the demand increasing over the years. Many of these sellers have taken to Market Place destinations such as Etsy. However, what they have not been able to alleviate is the constant back and forth with their customers until they get the product design correct. This is a pain that Doogma has been able to alleviate with the Doogma Designer. Our customers have enjoyed some of the following benefits:

Higher Efficiency

If you are selling custom designed goods online, you know what we’re talking about. Don’t you wish you could just focus on production and sales instead of having to spend needless hours with the customer getting the design right? With the Doogma Designer, you give your customers a free hand to order what they want within your environment. The customers picks their options – and that’s it!

High Performance

Change colors, designs, patterns and any other element in real-time. Give your customers the best online experience possible, and avoid the needless waiting such as in other possible solutions.

Easy Integration

With Doogma’s unique embed code implementation, there are little resources needed to get you selling. A simple copy and paste of a few lines of code is all you need for the designer to appear on your page. Taking payments is simple with our pre integrated PayPal checkout. We also offer “Request for Quote” options as well.

Fast Delivery Time

With our unique patented solution, Doogma can have a Designer up and running for your company in a matter of days. With traditional development of such a solution which can take weeks and months, Doogma’s Team can have a solution up and running in no time, and on your way to a better overall user experience.

Whether you sell custom cookies, custom cookie jars, baked items or other special foods, the Doogma Team can assist you to create the best online product customization experience to engage and thrill your customers.
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