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What Is Product Customization And Personalization?

According to “No longer do consumers want to be like the Joneses, the Mullers or the Li’s. When individuality rules and conformity is frowned upon, owning something no one else has is hot.* The ‘mass’ that consumers are willing to put up with is either the stuff they don’t really care about—and can get on the cheap at the Wal-Marts and Aldis of this world—and some remaining objects of mass desire like the iPhone or the Mini Cooper. However, even these are likely to be customized and personalized the moment they leave the warehouse, website or store. ”

High end brand websites are offering exciting new tools to enable users to customize everything from sports shoes (Nike) to you own sports car (Bugatti). So what is the difference between customization and personalization and how can you offer these tools on your site?


Ecommerce Personalization is all about enabling users to personalize the product according to the customer’s needs and wants. Personalization is about users making your products have a special meaning for them. Users can add their own text and pictures which can be anything from their name, their loved ones or their favourite sports stars. Personalization adds an extra dimension to a purchase, as customers are more likely to buy a product, that they taken the time to interact with and personalize.


Product Customization is all about allowing the customer, to choose the way they interact with the product or service. Take a kitchen design website for instance. Before deciding which products to buy, users can change the layout of the kitchen, size and colour of units, colour of handles for drawers and cabinets, choose finishes, appliances and more. By giving the customer a choice, product customization can often sublimely upsell a wide range of products that the customer may not have even considered. Catering to your customer’s creative genius allows them to have fun with their purchase, and the buying cycle becomes interesting and exciting, and more importantly they are more likely to complete the sales cycle if there guided through their choices.

The days of static websites are long gone. Webmasters and site owners, are now looking to make their website different from the competitors, personalization and customization are two solutions that fit these needs.

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