Professional Services

Let Us Help You Offer Your Customized Products Using our Online Design Tool

Doogma Tec has an extensive staff of experienced professionals waiting to help you implement a custom product editor on your site. We are excited at the opportunity to help build and implement a great customer shopping experience for your visitors. This could be standalone product customization software that Doogma will host for you or a fully integrated product editor within your existing e-commerce shopping platform.

Designer Creations

Doogma can assist you in the design aspect of how you envisage your product configurator. Our team has experience in a wide array of products currently being sold online. Just explain your requirements to us – we can do the rest!

Designer Implementation

Are you having a difficult time deciding on how you want to implement product customization software? Doogma will undertake a thorough review of your site and advise you on the best solutions of implementing the product configurator. It does not matter what you are selling; if you want to customize it, Doogma can implement it!

Graphic Design

Doogma employs graphic designers who are highly qualified and widely experienced. Don’t worry if your images are not perfect. Send them to us and allow our skilled design team to get to work. We will let you know if any additional images are necessary. No project is too big or too small.


The Doogma team will consult you with throughout the process. We will make helpful recommendations where necessary, and always take your suggestions into account. Our consultants will be available to assist you with creating, modifying, or adding new products to the Doogma Designer Product Customization Software.


Doogma employs highly skilled programming professionals. The Doogma Designer has many great features built in to the core product. If your project requires features not currently supported in the standard personalization software, our professionals can work to develop these features and integrate them into your product configurator. Please speak to a Doogma representative about your requirements.


The Doogma Designer was built and designed with the intention of having our customers become self sufficient. Once you are enrolled in our program, Doogma will provide you training on how to create, modify, or add new products to your product personalization software. We have designed a simple easy to use back end management system, which eliminates the need for precious IT resources to make changes to your designer. We will educate you on the types of images needed for the Doogma Designer. Get started today and enjoy the freedom and flexibility of the Doogma Designer.

Whether you sell custom cookies, custom cookie jars, baked items or other special foods, the Doogma Team can assist you to create the best online product customization experience to engage and thrill your customers.
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