Top Five Signs Your Business is Ready for a Uniform Builder

Many in the uniform manufacturing industry are well aware that easy-to-use designer experiences and the ability to adapt quickly to trends is the only way to maintain their competitive edge. Not only will a uniform builder give them this advantage; it will also increase sales.

But how does a business know if it’s really ready for customization?

Here are the top 5 signs your uniform manufacturing business is ready to take it to the next level:

  • You have a computer literate audience, mainly millennials (age 19-38). They should be pretty comfortable with buying items online and using social media in general.
  • Your store is already online. If your audience isn’t already buying your merchandise online, you’ll need to get an online store up and running. Only then can you add customization.
  • You have a customizable product. The uniform industry is perfect for this. Those custom fonts, styles, and colors? Every detail can be easily customized with a product configurator in real-time.
  • You’re thinking of doing more marketing with social media. One of the key components of customization is its interactivity and user-generated content. Your end-users and their sports teams will easily provide you with lots of great content and images you need on Instagram, Whatsapp and Pinterest.
  • You hired offshore to develop your customizer. And it didn’t work out. Outsourcing is a gamble. If you’re ready to try again, and you don’t want your IT team loaded down with more responsibilities, it’s time to consider a product configurator.

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