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Over 10,000 Customizers Already Built

The Doogma Designer™ is a product customization software that offers the most user friendly Design-Your-Own solution. With 1,000s of product configurators we’ve already created, Doogma provides the ideal solution for eCommerce sites, able to customize anything, and everything.

Deploy Yours Within 21 Days

We deliver the ideal product customization software solution with our personalised web configurators, fully integrated into your shopping cart within 21 business days of receiving your graphics and an outline of the options and features you want available for your customers.

Engage Your Customers

Engage users and sell more. Customers bond with your products using Doogma’s product configurator technology. In a month, Doogma registered 166,683 design clicks on client sites. With self expression via design, customers buy unique products, and sales increase.

Not all Customers are the Same

The rise of individualism in the last decade brought forth one central priority: to stand out. A personalized product, one that is designed by the customer according to their requirements, satisfies their need for exclusivity and makes them feel a different type of ownership over the product.

The Value of Customization

Studies have found that besides increased conversion rates, customization increases perceived service quality, customer satisfaction, customer trust, and ultimately customer loyalty towards a brand or service provider. Why? For the value that customization brings to your customer. Product personalization software converts customers into brand ambassadors who are an invaluable asset to grow your business.

Power up your Online Business

Brands are very aware that personalization creates value for customers, but it’s not just huge high-street names that are generating revenue from product customization. It’s easier than ever to start your online business, since online stores remove overheads associated with the traditional retail model. Adding product customization tools to your e-commerce site turns online shopping into a unique experience for your customers. And they will keep coming back for more.

Price isn’t the barrier

1 in 5 consumers who expressed an interest in personalized products or services is willing to pay a 20% premium. 

– The Deloitte Consumer Review Made-to-order: The rise of mass personalization

Awesome Design Experience for Every Kind of Product

Doogma Customers Say It Best:

  • “We recently launched Doogma on a handful of products on our site and have been extremely satisfied with both the customization options and support. We offer hundreds of personalized products on our site, and have been searching for a visualization solution since we launched our site in 2018. The Doogma app was by far the best solution we found. We have just begun rolling out the visualization tool on our products, and will be continually adding products throughout the next few months. The customer support has been outstanding and fast. They have held our hand throughout the entire process to ensure everything is perfect. We cannot wait to see how this will impact our sales this holiday season, as they have helped us create a much more user-friendly customer experience on our personalized gifts.”
    Wendell August Forge
    Erin Lewis, Director of Marketing and eCommerce
  • Following experiences with custom built and early product customization apps, Doogma has been a reassurance that there are companies who have a great product, care for the customer, and deliver on their promise. I have been extremely happy with their handling of our warehouse sign and label product builder project. Initial discussions, concept design, project execution, go live and ongoing support has been brilliant. We produce barcode labels and signs for the logistics and distribution industry where time and efficiency are paramount, so enabling customers to reduce time in their order process has been received extremely well by them. The Doogma system and workings with BigCommerce is also very good. I have worked with ecommerce platforms for many years and find this collaboration to be easy to use, dynamic and progressive for us. We have plans to introduce more products which before, would have been impossible to list online due to custom options and visualization.
    ASG Services LLC
    David Grundy
  • “Doogma gave us an affordable option we could build into our new site. With the Doogma App, the customer can see a mockup of their button during the ordering process so they no longer need to request a digital proof. That one simple solution eliminated weeks of production delay, opening up new possibilities for how jobs are organized and vastly improving the customer experience.”
    Busy Beaver
    Denise Gibson, Director of Marketing, Sales & Customer Experience
  • “Our customers love our Custom Corner. Customers enjoy the freedom of selecting the fabric, the braid, the lining and more. They can see their orders materialize in real-time and share the images with the other decision-makers in the church.”
    Gaspard Inc
    Jason Gaspard, President
  • “We’ve been using Doogma’s Custom Uniform Builder for two years and the teams love it, especially the coaches. It makes the uniform design process easy and fun for them.”
    Imperial Point
    Robert Fazioli, Founder
  • “We had this amazing capacity to sell all kinds of ropes but we had no web solution that could visually represent all those options. We saw an increase of 50% on our sales for customized jump ropes. It’s really been great.”
    Jordan Lindstrom, CEO
  • “We definitely noticed a difference right away. A lot of times with an online business it’s hard to measure exactly what’s working, but since we installed Doogma about nine months ago, we’ve seen a 25% increase in conversions. Our customers really like to see what they are ordering before they buy it.”
    Clint Howitz, Founder
  • The Doogma team quickly understood our vision and we are delighted with their implementation of the user experience.
    David Ferguson
    founder and Cookie-in-Chief
  • Working with Doogma was great, Doogma got the concept immediately and they know the visualization customization space better than any of the other companies I interviewed. Doogma acts as a partner and not just a vendor.
    Kim Mitchell – Catlett
    Founder and Lead Designer


The Doogma Designer™ is optimized for every touch point. Since each of your users interacts differently with your eCommerce site, we offer a solution incomparable to any other on the market. Doogma has developed a custom product configurators offering the unique features and adaptive experience most suited for today’s diverse online shoppers – more and more are using various devices to buy their coveted custom products.


Your shoppers and clients are your ideal marketers; their satisfaction equates to your brand exposure and promotion. Encourage your users to Design and “Share” via Doogma’s fully integrated social media sharing within our product configurator. Word of mouth is the best referral to date, with social sharing among friends within social media networks dominating the markets. Watch as friends of customers gravitate to your site to design and buy their own versions of your products with your ability to enable brand exposure via design sharing on the hottest social media platforms.


Today’s online shoppers and custom designer users are busy, and they have no time to wait or waste. Provide your customers with the ultimate Design-Their-Own experience, and don’t settle for any solution but the best product customization software: The Doogma Designer™. Give your users the option to choose from instant feature and color changes the moment they click their mouse or touch their screen – it’s that simple. The Doogma Designer™ offers top notch product configuration performance, swiftly, simply and with satisfaction.


With a plethora of possibilities to choose from, your customization features, personalization options, and product bundling possibilities are endless with our web configurators. Regardless of which ones you wish to offer your customers, it’s simple and seamless with The Doogma Designer™. Our fully supported design features include: feature changes, color changes, rich text personalization, drag & drop, web2print creation of print-ready output files and the most rich features your imagination can illustrate in your eCommerce dreams. It’s that easy.

Why Doogma?

Fast and Easy integration

The Doogma Designer™ is ideal for retailers and e-commerce business owners who are looking to offer custom products quickly and easily.

Platform Agnostic

Our product designer software is compatible with various e-commerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, Weebly, WooCommerce, and PrestaShop among others.

Easy Product Customization

Giving customers what they want is at the heart of every business. Provide customers the option to change simple or complex elements such as color, pattern or material, with little or no extra cost to the manufacturing process.

Real Time Visualization

Let your customers design and see the result in real time. This makes the process more engaging and reduces confusion as edits are instantly displayed.

Competitive Differentiation

Build a brand in an increasingly competitive global market by differentiating their online experience. Increase shopper loyalty and offer unique experiences, all while increasing conversions.

Trusted Solution

Doogma Designer™ has been integrated with leading brands as well as entry level e-commerce businesses. Our comprehensive solution fits with any business and enables customization of every conceivable product

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