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Custom Guitar Builder

People really love different designs using the guitar customizer to create the exact guitar they want

Custom Guitar Builder Strikes the Right Chord

A guitar is personal, very personal. Guitar players view their instrument as an extension of their personality. They know every nook, cranny and curve. It is no wonder then that players want their own customized acoustic or electric dream guitar. Until recently that was a dream slightly out of reach for most guitar players. Unless they were willing to part with a lot of money, or they were exceptionally good at assembling a guitar with assorted pieces and parts, their dream of a customized guitar was just that – a dream. With Doogma’s custom guitar builder, you can open an online custom shop to make your customers’ dream of creating a custom acoustic or electric guitar come true.

Fine Tuned Customization

Doogma provides you with a simple, easy and fast way to start offering your customers a personalized shopping experience. The guitar builder is powered by Doogma Designer™, a powerful visual product customization software platform that helps create configurable visualizations of your guitar for use on your website or e-commerce platform. Our product designer software is compatible with various e-commerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, Weebly, WooCommerce, and PrestaShop among others. It has been designed to be platform agnostic.

Jazzing up a Custom Guitar

Designing a custom guitar is super simple.  The guitar builder allows your customers to select the area they want to configure – from the body, pick guard, neck, frets, pickups and more. Customers can select the area and choose from a variety of options and each choice is immediately rendered on the website page.  Making, modifying, and optimizing a high-quality, dream guitar has never been easier. Being able to try out different color, material and hardware configurations before parting with cash is a sure-fire way to ensure that customers are satisfied with their end product and reduces potential issues after a purchase is made. Providing them with a visual representation of their own custom designed guitar alleviates any confusion between you and the customer resulting in greater customer satisfaction.

Customization Benefits – Music to Your Ears

Musician styles and tastes change over time requiring new guitar customization. By providing them with an easy and seamless online customization experience, they will be inclined to return to your online custom shop for their new guitars. Customers view their customized guitars as a unique item, with added value and designed to meet their specific needs. Providing custom designed guitars doesn’t just help increase sales, it also keeps your customers satisfied, which promotes loyalty and word-of-mouth recommendations, which is one of the best ways to increase your business.

Let Customers Call the Tune

Enable customers to call the tune on their custom guitar by integrating the Doogma Custom Guitar Builder with your custom store. Letting them create a guitar that expresses their personality and compliments their personal style, will ensure that your customers remain happy and loyal.

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