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Custom Furniture Designer

Try Out The Engaging Design-Your-Own Furniture Interactive Buying Experience:

Today’s customers are looking for a way to create something that is unique, while still not breaking the bank. Most people would love to be able to have that bespoke piece of furniture that perfectly suits their room, yet are restricted by budget.
With our software, your e-commerce site can deliver a way for your customers to design their ideal furniture item that is within the realms of what you offer. The customer feels like they are getting a bespoke piece and you get to set the perimeters that they operate within.

The Customer As The Designer

With this online product configuration tool your customer can select the model of their choice and then customise it to suit their interior design needs.
This tool allows your customer to dictate the size that is perfect for their space and the basic design. They can then customise it by type of wood, colour, number of shelves, type of covering, etc.
Not only that, your customer can see in a virtual way how the item of furniture will look once they have set all their specifications. They will be able to adjust it with the online tool to tweak any part that they are not happy with. Thus ensuring that the customer is getting exactly what they want. Leaving less chance for error and therefore less need for returning an item because it didn’t quite work for their space.

Engaging The Customer

This online product configuration tool gives your customers an interactive experience on your site. Engaging your customer in the design of their furniture means they are going to invest more time actually looking into what you offer.
Giving your customer the opportunity to style things their way gives them the feeling that they are in control. This in turn helps them to feel that they are getting exactly what they want for a fraction of the cost of having someone else design their furniture for them.
You can update any price changes in realtime so that they can see if the choices they are making are realistically within their budget. By doing this, there is no guess work involved for the customer and they know exactly what they are going to get for the money they are willing to spend.

The Value Of A Custom Design

We are well past the ‘one size or style fits all’ mentality. Today’s customers are far more discerning and are always looking for that company that recognises their individuality.
People want to feel that they are getting something that is unique to them. Being able to customise items to suit their individual style and taste is becoming something that is expected. Doogma’s product configurator tool allows your customers to do exactly this.
Putting your customer in the driving seat and giving them options to design their ideal piece of furniture is a great selling point. Most customers will happily pay a little bit more to have a say in the design of a product that is personalised.
Why not get in touch with one of our knowledgeable and friendly team today to see how Doogma can help you. We are here to increase your customer user experience while ensuring it doesn’t cause you a headache in the process.

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