Introducing the Composable Product Configurator

The Doogma Designer™ was developed and evolves daily, with our state of the art and patented technology making it the most composable product configurator and customization software.

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The Secret Sauce: Our Recipe for Success

You have a special product and you want a special interactive experience? No matter what product it is, Doogma can create an interactive product/s designer that will integrate easily into your site. The patented Doogma Designer™ enables all of this without writing even one new line of software code. With thousands of product designers already created, we know we can do one for your products as well with our product configurator. Not only can we do it quicker than anybody else, but you’ll benefit from best-in-class performance and a rich treasure box of top range features with our configurator software, such as integration with shopping carts, social media & web2print.

Customization, Personalization & Bundling

The Doogma Designer™ has proven to be the best solution to rapidly deploy interactive user experiences on ecommerce websites and even within brick-and-mortar stores. When it comes to product customization, our configurator software solution enables not only color and pattern changes, but also complete changes of form such as product features, textures and geometrical elements.

Personalization of products is often achieved by letting users add custom text, upload their own images and select other features specific to their own tastes and needs. With The Doogma Desiger™ visual product configurator these features are all easily implemented, and Doogma even has a version that can prepare high-resolution print-ready images that can be used for web-2-print type applications.

Recently announced, Doogma also has a solution for interactive bundling. This great feature can quickly increase the average cart size on your site. Let users mix and match your items to buy a complete bundle all on one product page. With this configurator software solution, you can sell entire outfits instead of just one shirt, one pair of pants and one coat at a time. Another great example of interactive bundling is enabling users to mix and match multiple furniture and decorative items, see how they look together in a living room setting and then hit a single Add-To-Cart button.

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Accessible, Serviceable & Economical: Software as a Service

The Doogma Designer™ in its SaaS solution format is ideal for eCommerce sites of all sizes. With the product configurator software thus implemented as a cloud-based solution, we have already taken measures to ensure your version of the Doogma software is always up to date. We ensure that the latest technology and features are always at the fingertips of your shoppers clicking and swiping away. All your buyers need to do is enjoy the benefits of your Doogma Designer™, and we’ll take care of all the challenging infrastructure aspects of ensuring reliable availability and performance.

Our Proven Methodology

The Doogma team is here to assist you with the design and implementation of the most reliable and sophisticated product customization, product configurator, personalization and bundling solution for your site or in-store buying experience. One you’ve come on board and signed up with us, your product configuration project is assigned to a Doogma expert who will assist you with the planning of your optimal user experience based on your product and buyer needs.

Typically, the process of development usually begins with the Doogma team of experts creating your first Doogma Designers™ for your site. Thereafter, we can provide training so that your graphic design team can continue to maintain and expand the range of products and customization options you prefer. Regardless of the process you choose, the Doogma team is always available to provide you with a complete turnkey configurator software solution.

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Out of the Box or Fully Customizable User Experience

At Doogma we don’t stop at the customization features of your designer. Even the user experience of the Doogma Designer™ is customizable to the precise level you require. Based on the needs of our clientele, we offer three ideal alternatives to best display the customization and personalization options on your site or in-store, achieving the results you want:

1. Doogma’s multi-purpose default thumbnail menu structure
With this solution, you design the look and feel of the options, and the choices are presented to your user within a proven easy-to-use user interface.

2. eCommerce standard swatches and drop-down boxes
If you’re using a standard ecommerce platform such as Magento, Volusion or 3dCart, you can use the default templates for presenting options to end users with dropdown boxes, text boxes and thumbnail swatches. In this case, the Doogma Designer™ integrates directly into the existing product page and we map user selections to display the user’s selections within the Doogma Designer™.

3. Doogma can custom design and build a navigation & UX to your specifications
In some cases, our clients want a custom built navigation experience uniquely designed for a specific application. Doogma can custom design and build a navigation and UX to your specifications. The Doogma professional services team will be happy to custom design a user experience specifically for your products and website.

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