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Custom Garage Builder

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DIY with a custom garage builder

A garage is an extension of your home, a space that can be optimized to serve your day-to-day needs. From providing extra storage to acting as a home gym, it’s one of the most versatile rooms in any house. Some homeowners will turn to someone else to renovate this space. But hiring independent contractors is expensive, not to mention time-consuming. At the same time, prefabricated garages sold online are too much of a one-size-fits-all approach. Customers want to build a garage that meets their specific needs without the huge cost or hassle.

That’s where Doogma Designer™ comes in. Our patented design software can help you provide a garage designer online that customers can directly use through your website. Cut out the need for extra contracting hours by giving clients full creative control over their brief. Our custom garage builder allows customers to design their ideal garage from the inside out, achieving the exact specifications they need to complete their project.

Your tools, your rules, your custom garage

Our garage configurator is built on a solid foundation, the Doogma Desginer™. This is our patented design software – it’s what allows us to set up the perfect customization tool for your website and product. With the custom garage builder, customers can assemble all the components they need to build a garage through a visual and interactive interface. Customers can adjust height and width, trim, materials, wall color, roofing, and more until they’ve got the perfect space for their needs. Our platform integrates smoothly with all major website platforms and can be tailored to your business’s requirements in just 21 days.

A space for the tinkerers and makers…

More and more, customers are looking online to build their dream garage. Hiring contractors to remodel a space is expensive, not to mention it can take a long time.

To build your own garage online presents a solution that’s not only cost-effective but easy to complete from start to finish. If you can offer customers a user-friendly tool they can use to design their perfect space, then you’re already one step ahead of the competition. This is why Doogma Designer™ is a fantastic addition to your website.

Clients can personalize their garage space by specifying the materials and the level of craftsmanship they want. They can choose from custom-fit or modular storage units to optimize organization or choose from different floorings options to achieve the look they’re after. Add in sink units, backsplashes, utility drawers, charging points, or install slat walls or storage racks for added functionality. Whether you sell custom cabinets for a high-end look or offer different wall treatments or wood slating to warm up the space, you can promote all of these through your custom garage tool. As clients apply changes, they’ll see their design come to life right in front of them, making them even more confident in their purchase.

Time for a garage sale?

Your home might be your castle, but your garage can be your sanctuary. Help customers create their own little haven away from home with our garage customizer. A garage has the potential to be a truly personal space, so give buyers all the tools they need to truly make the space their own while increasing your sales and brand added value.

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