Multi-Sport Necklace Designer

Sell more custom necklaces with a Doogma Designerâ„¢ on your site. The necklace configurator shown below was created for Swannys Necklaces and offers a number of custom features. Users get to personalize their own necklaces by selecting different color patterns, insert your custom text, and upload images . To view and select customization options for the design-your-own necklace, simply select the heading categories and see the necklace automatically update.

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Swannys Necklaces

Swannys provides items to athletes in all sports, including hockey, lacrosse, football and baseball, as well as all the non-athletes who simply enjoy the Swannys style. In addition to still creating the necklace that started it all, Swannys makes a variety of custom items, including bracelets, lanyards and key chains.

To design and buy your own necklace, please visit:

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