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Jewelry Configurator

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Jewelry is often perceived as a personal item, one that can trigger powerful memories, stand as proof of a relationship between two people or attract healing energies and good luck for the owner.

It’s no secret that almost every piece of jewelry has its own story. So why not enable your clients to create this story themselves?

Customized Jewelry Leads to Happy Customers

Have you ever came across the almost-perfect online product, only to give it up because you wanted to twitch a feature or two and didn’t have the option to do so? Most likely, this is what some of your clients have done, as well.

“This ring is exactly what I wanted, except for the color of the stone! If only they had the same cut but with a more intense amber color!”

And how about people with exotic names who rarely find their exact name on the soda can, let alone bracelets or necklaces?

An online interactive jewelry configurator can turn all these broken sales into wins for your company and happiness for your customers. By adding this feature to your website, your visitors will be able to virtually create their desired custom product before actually ordering it.

They can mix and match different materials, textures, stones, and other particular features and see for themselves what combinations they like most. For some of your customers, this benefit can become the main reason why they choose to shop from you again and again. If they have it all on your website, then why waste time looking someplace else?

For your business, this means more sales, and not only for the customized products. Such a feature leaves a lasting impression on your visitors, who are more likely to remember the name of your brand and recommend it to their friends and relatives.

From a technical point of view, the interactive configurator will keep people engaged on your website for longer periods of time. Depending on your clients’ avatar, they might start wandering around your website and see what other products and services you offer.

How the Jewelry Product Configurator Works

As with all other customization solutions we offer, the jewelry configurator is intuitive and user-friendly, both for your clients and yourself. You can add multiple features to be customized, and as many variations as you like for each feature.

As for the technical aspects, the jewelry product configurator is compatible with a wide range of platforms, from Shopify and Magento to Wix and PrestaShop. The implementation process is almost effortless, but the results are incredible.

Product Customization is one of the biggest needs in the market, and this is what will make a difference between businesses that thrive and businesses that float in the next couple of years. The online interactive jewelry configurator will help speed up your customers’ decision-making process, saving them precious time and earning you well-deserved sales.

If you want to know more details about the benefits that our jewelry product configurator can bring to your customers and business, reach out to one of our Doogma consultants and they’ll guide your way.


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