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Custom Baseball Bat Designer

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Whether your customer has a little league team or a major league they may want their team colors, logo and team member name on the bat. They may also have a preference to the wood used to create the bat. Or you may just have a single customer who wants to create a special baseball bat as a gift for their child or for them.  Whatever the requirement, there is nothing quite like having that special baseball bat to play with. We all know that sports players are a superstitious bunch and creating a lucky bat that is theirs and theirs alone helps to make them feel special.  Doogma’s custom baseball bat product configurator software helps you to provide that unique design for your customer.

Set the options

You decide what options are available. You can give a choice of woods you provide, length and width of the bats, colors of the handle and barrel and the options for logos and personalization. Your customer can choose from a simple drop down menu and watch as the product configurator updates their choices in real-time. Once they have selected the options they want, you have the perfect blueprint to create their baseball bat(s).

Team Spirit

A lot of teams will enjoy co-ordinating their team uniforms and baseball bats to give that sense of team ownership. Specific uniforms and colors give players a sense of team pride and make them want to perform better. If each bat has the team logo on it, there will be no confusion as to which team they belong to. Add on the player’s name and you give that player a unique bat that they can bond with and mould to their playing technique. Don’t underestimate the power of a personal baseball bat for lifting the spirit of a team player. Each player will take responsibility for their equipment and have pride in what they carry onto the field. They are more likely to look after something that was designed for them.

No Two Players Are The Same

With our product configurator software, the options are there to not only choose team colors and logos, but also the type of bat. Some players prefer a thicker bat, some a longer one, it all depends on how they play and what size the player is. It would be no good giving a small child in a little league game the same size bat as a 6ft tall major league player, for example. Having the option to choose the length, width and type of wood used gives the player the feeling of a bespoke baseball bat. It is designed and made to the specifications that the individual player needs. The team, player or parent ordering the bat can see the design coming to life in real-time on screen and make any amendments before placing the order. You also have the option of updating pricing in real-time. So if you want to offer any extras, you can have these as separately priced add-ons that are available. For example, you may offer a rubber grip as an add-on, or metallic paint as an option for a little extra. The possibilities are huge and our experts here at Doogma are here to help. So why not get in touch and see how we can help you provide the best interactive service for your customers. You’ll be amazed at how seamlessly our software works within your organization.

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