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Car Customizer

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Get the Show on the Road with the Car Customizer

When it comes to owning a dream car, odds are people won’t find it in any magazine. They may be revved-up by a new release that is almost perfect, but it will still be missing that “something” that makes it jump out at them.  That’s because most vehicles are designed to appeal to the masses; they are never designed for any specific person. Delivering designs and vehicles customized for personal expression targets the new generation of trendsetting drivers who want to boldly express their personality and individuality. With Doogma’s car customization software, you can give your customers the tools they need to customize their car with cool design options and unique features to ensure that the vehicle is uniquely theirs.

Shifting into High Gear with Customization

Doogma provides you with a simple, easy and fast way to start offering your customers a personalized shopping experience. The car customizer is powered by Doogma Designer™, a powerful visual product customization software platform that helps create configurable visualizations of your customer’s car for use on your website or e-commerce platform. Our product designer software is compatible with various e-commerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, Weebly, WooCommerce, and PrestaShop among others. It has been designed to be platform agnostic.

In the Driver’s Seat

One of the biggest and more appealing reasons people customize their vehicle is to give their vehicles a boost in appearance. The vehicle’s exterior is typically the first thing onlookers notice about the car. Our online car designer with its friendly user interface, allows your customers to choose from an array of base colors, cool features, decals and accessories including rims and radiator grills. The results will make their vehicle look much cooler and aesthetically pleasing. By adding a car customizer capability to your e-commerce site allows car enthusiasts to personalize their car with accessories virtually and view their design in real time before purchasing it.

Benefits that are On the Right Track

By offering custom car design options, you will be giving car enthusiasts just what they need. They believe that what you drive is more than just a vehicle; It is a medium of self-expression. Doogma’s car design software enables you to create a fully custom experience for your customers that increases user relevancy, engagement and value, which, in turn, will increase conversation rates.

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