Creating Custom Handbags Online

Kim Mitchell-Catlett noticed that when people are buying ready made handbags there was always a reaction of “this is a great handbag ‘but’….”

So Mitchell created Bellla Modi, which means “Beautiful Ways”, in case you did not know that. She structured the business so that handbag purchasers would not have to settle for a handbag that is close but not exactly what they want. The entire line of Bella Modi handbags takes advantage of a full customization purchasing experience.

“Bella Modi is committed to evolving the way fashion accessories are designed, worn and sold,” says Mitchell. “No matter your background, age or income, our mission is to provide the tools our customers need to design their perfect look, create their perfect fit and discover their inner fabulous, both personally and professionally.”

Design It Yourself Website Tools

Bella Modi handbags and purses are fully customizable, high-quality, leather bags. Using their online configurator tool, customers can select their ideal functionality, size, colors and style – blending fashion and function in a way that gives the shopper exactly what they want and need. And even though they are all custom made, purchasers will receive their custom bags in 6 weeks or less from the date of order.

Bella Modi handbags are all hand made from leather in the Bella Modi studios in Boise, Idaho.  

“These are the highest quality, most customizable handbags available on the market.  And as the most customizable handbags on the market, our customers can get the exact handbag that they want,” says Mitchell.

Doogma Delivers Product Customization Software

When Bella Modi took on the task of providing customizable products they turned to Doogma. “Working with Doogma was great”, says Mitchell. “Doogma got the concept immediately and they know the visualization customization space better than any of the other companies I interviewed.”

Mitchell reports that Doogma has continued to work with Bella Mode in an open, continuously improving manner. “Doogma acts as a partner and not just a vendor.”

Check out the Bella Modi Facebook page for news and updates:

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Then head over to and design the perfect handbag for yourself.

Contact Doogma to see how we can help you realize your custom product designer needs for your online products. Visit or call 312-270-0700.

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