How to Turn Shop-Hoppers into Loyal Customers

In an age where first impression is concluded in just 7 seconds, where the average attention span for an online video is 6 seconds, where even jobs don’t last for more than 4.5 years on average (in the U.S. alone), where everyone is constantly moving along, hopping from one place to another, from one brand to another-

Business and customer loyalty has become a thing of the past.

Marketing efforts once focused mostly on bringing-in new customers, are now shifting to address the one-time-shoppers problem.

Now, the case for the shop-hoppers is clear-

There’s so much selection, so many choices online- why confine yourself to one single-style brand? Whether it’s motorcycles, fashion or food, you can get almost anything you want, relatively instantly, almost everywhere.

And brands are constantly trying to get their head around how to keep new-comers from hopping right on to the next brand. Because it is no longer enough to have a great product, a really good customer service or a cool website-

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Today, the only way to keep the shop-hoppers from hopping away is by engaging them.

Online shoppers today are expecting something more than just a product and a service from you; they want to interact. Today’s online customers are active- they want to comment, share, like and participate in something other than just the buying process. They’re looking for a way to turn their shopping experience into something social, something interactive- they’re looking to communicate.

And brands now have a new way of making that happen-well, maybe not that new, but upgraded- online mass customization is the answer to this century’s neurotic shop-hoppers.

Many consider mass customization as the future of online businesses, and it’s no surprise, considering today’s online shoppers’ profile- mainly aged between 19-38, educated and digitally native. These are active young people, striving for interaction and self-expression, and with a very clear sense of the consumerism power they hold.

The only way to get to them is by really letting them become an active part of the buying experience, and allowing them to communicate both with the brand and their online community.

Want to bring customer loyalty back to life?

The way to do that today is by implementing online customization SaaS and letting your customers do what they want- on your platform!

Allow them to express themselves and share their experience, all the while staying on your online store. If you provide them with that, you’re providing them with consumerism freedom, and they in turn, will give back with customer loyalty.

Customization is the best way businesses have to engage customers with their brand. It is today’s loyalty strategy, and it might just be the only one in this crazed one-time-shopping online world.

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