When you want something done properly, better do it yourself right?


Might be true in most cases, but not with technology-

Marshall McLuhan, a philosopher of communication theory, once said “All technology is communication, an extension of ourselves that allows us to reach further through time and/or space”.

Technology has always replaced anachronistic activities with newer, easier ones. It’s always been a tool to extend our ability and reach new goals constantly. And this is what’s happening right now in the e-commerce industry, with in-house proprietary platforms slowly giving way to the newer version of software solutions- the SaaS.

And although the reasons for changes in technology are constantly reactive to social change and different global dynamics, one solid issue remains to be a key factor in the shift towards SaaS:

Internal IT teams may be great in building software – but not configurators.

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The hazards of building your own proprietary platform simply exceed the tendency to DIY-

  • It takes too long
  • The IT teams are often not qualified for such a presumptuous project
  • The staff is overworked as it is
  • It might be their very first time in building a configurator
  • And did we mention the overall costs and resources..?

Like in many other fields, moving from one technology to another is the result of an easier, faster, better solution becoming available; in this case – SaaS.

It’s pretty clear today that the only reason to build your own configurator, is if it gives you a competitive advantage over your competitors. But in the E-commerce industry, this is hardly the case, when your competitive advantage usually lies in the UX, your responsiveness to mobile devices, your customer services and, well, your products.

And though not designed with your specific needs in mind, SaaS solutions today are perfectly able to address them due to their imbedded flexibility.   

So while you think no one else can get the job done better than you, you might be surprised to find that SaaS solutions often do a much better job taking care of your configurator platform, while you are free to do what you’re best at – selling.  

Want to talk to us about customizing your online products? click here.

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