Deciding on the right software for you is like choosing your spouse. And though maybe a little bit on the romantic side, this comparison truly is helpful in deciding on the right software companion for you-

In choosing “the one” you don’t usually consider superficial characteristics, but focus on the long-term relationship (hopefully). You don’t rely only on the good times, but rather put your relationship to the test when the hard times take over.

Because this is what life companionship is all about right? Being there for each other for the long run, even when things get rough..?

So what’s all this romantic talk to software solutions? Surprisingly, a lot-

Someone to talk to

Software implementation is the easy part. You get to know each other, you fall in love and just like that- you’re hooked. But what happens when there’s a bug? Who do you turn to when things go wrong?

In the software world SaaS solutions are your perfect match; the support provided by a SaaS solution is unparalleled to what we used to know with on-premise enterprise software. The relationship between the end-user and the supporting staff has never been so tight, with any query or complaint almost immediately addressed by online representatives, through customer forums, by phone, etc. So that when things go wrong, you no longer need to wait for the next upgrade to fix your bugs, or chase your vendor for your much promised technical support- because you always have someone to talk to.

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“The times they are a-changin’…”

Relationships that last are the ones that adapt to change, and allow the two sides to develop side by side-

It used to be that in order to support new functions , fix bugs or add new features you had to wait for the next upgrade to come along, which could have taken up to a few years! But as your business progresses your requirements change, and you need a software solution that supports your changing needs. SaaS solves that by enabling constant, free, mostly automatic and easy updating, thus allowing and supporting your business through its growth and many changing needs.


The one thing that could make or break a relationship, and what everybody talks about- mutual trust… While in the romantic world there’s yet to be found a tested formula for trust, the software world is rather simpler-

Why get tangled up with a software product you hardly know? Practice makes perfect, we all know that. And today’s SaaS solutions are already well-tested and proven to work, so that you never get a pig in a poke.

The recipe for a perfect relationship?

Ultimately, when you trust your software vendor to provide you with a supportive, reliable solution, when you know you always have someone to talk to, even when things go wrong-

Well isn’t that the recipe for the perfect relationship? Or maybe those exist only in the software world…

Either way- it’s clear SaaS is “the one” for e-commerce platforms today.

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