When I tell people about Doogma’s solutions for selling customized and personalized products, I am often asked: “Can producers make one offs? Can it scale?”.

The answer is yes, the latest manufacturing revolution is already happening and it enables creating products exactly the way customers want them. Don’t miss this recent Ted Talk by Olivier Scalabre of the Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

“I’m here today to tell you that we are on the verge of another huge change, and that this change, surprisingly enough, is going to come from manufacturing, again. It will get us out of our growth slumpand it will change radically the way globalization has been shaped over the last decade. I’m here to tell you about the amazing fourth manufacturing revolution that is currently underway.” says Oliviere.

“… actually, the most exciting part of this new manufacturing revolution goes much beyond productivity.It’s about producing better, smarter products. It’s about scale customization. Imagine a world where you can buy the exact products you want with the functionalities you need, with the design you want, with the same cost and lead time as a product that’s been mass produced, like your car, or your clothes or your cell phone. The new manufacturing revolution makes it possible”

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