Why a Good UX Starts With SaaS

Granted, it’s not an easy task to turn traffic rates into conversion rates. On the contrary, making those interested visitors into active, engaged users- is indeed the holy grail of online marketing.

So how DO you bring visitors to do what you ask of them?

Here’s what we know-

  • We know UX is the best, most basic strategy to making your visitors into active, engaged users.
  • We know there’s defined criteria to measuring these engagement rates through user behavior, and-
  • We know the only way to achieve the best UX technology can offer- is with cloud-based SaaS.

Why does everybody talk about UX??

User Experience is so important because there is a distinct correlation between our understanding of our online customers’ UX, and our ability to persuade them to act. This is why when creating an application or an online service, the first thing to consider and address- is UX.

What does “User Experience” even mean, and why work for it?

Steve Krug, writer of Don’t Make Me Think, offers a most simple and accurate definition of usability (which serves as the basis for all UX): “It really just means making sure that something works well: that a person of average ability and experience can use the thing—whether it’s a website, a toaster, or a revolving door—for its intended purpose without getting hopelessly frustrated.”  

And that’s it. Before design, before UI, before traffic methodologies- you need the thing to work. And although a toaster indeed should be easy enough to use, an online application is even more crucially dependent on its ease of use, its friendliness and accessible experience- because the ability to grow conversion rates is almost solely up to UX.

So what’s the first step in optimizing UX?

In a word- measuring.

As Giovanni Calabro accurately points out in his article, there are largely 3 stages to measuring your UX, and truly growing your ROI

  • General knowledge of your UX
  • Understanding of your user behavior
  • Influencing your users

Now, to avoid getting into the “gory” details of measurement tools and methodologies such as heuristics, usage analysis, user testing, online surveys, etc.-

We need to focus on one important conclusion- in order to generate high conversion rates you need a system that supports these measurements and offers a great UX-

Why SaaS offers the best UX

While SaaS adoption is constantly on the rise, and continues to increase with each year, one factor still differentiates some SaaS vendors from the crowd

Their ability to provide a ‘killer’ UX.

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A good UX start with SaaS

With SaaS the UX is a strategic differentiator, and so when building your application or online service, you must consider these critical UX factors:

  • Better customer supportSaaS requires dramatically less support to troubleshoot problems, mainly because systems can be more easily monitored and problems isolated. Moreover, when it comes to upgrades, software updates are performed automatically by the vendor, seamlessly, without clients having to lift a finger.
  • Much better performanceSaaS vendors use low bandwidth and perform more quickly; they don’t use third-party tools to reproduce screens pixel by pixel, which slows processing time down significantly.
  • Easy integration– SaaS keeps integration completely behind the scenes, unnoticed and seamless. In fact, many SaaS vendors also provide APIs that let you integrate with existing ERP systems or other business productivity systems.

In short, you need SaaS to optimize your UX and generate a full-scale ROI with:

  • Increased revenue
  • Reduced support costs, and-
  • Improved customer satisfaction

To make things simple, this is your conversion funnel-

Measure UX with SaaS-based system

Understand your user behavior

Optimize your UX

Impact your user

Engage your user


A strong application is really all about the user experience; and UX start with SaaS. If you fail to realize that- you fail to understand your online consumer.

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