Early Web-2-Print solutions were lacking in one major area: they assumed the end-user has the ability and the time to create their own designs.

The most successful online Web-2-Print allow their customers full control over their designs yet make the process as easy, fast, and enjoyable as possible.

They also:

  • Increase online sales while reducing the amount of pre-sale activities

  • Shorten the back-and-forth process between customers and the design team

  • Give users creative freedom to create the exact print-ready design they want

  • Allow creation of products that conform with basic proven design rules

  • Deliver the printed products directly to customers without ever even talking to them!

But…. how do they do it?

How to Do it Right

Candy.com is a great example of how it’s done. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday or holiday greeting, this company makes it easy for users to personalize their own wrappers for Hershey Bars.

With the help of the Doogma Designer, users are able to:

  • Choose from one of many exquisite template designs

  • Make minor but important personalized changes

  • Create a print-ready file, with additional graphics such as the entire chocolate wrapper; both back and front

Fig 1- The easy-to-use personalization experience: A simple and elegant template

Fig 2- An automatic, print-ready file produced by Doogma

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