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Sell more design-your-own outfits. Save on long fashion shoots. Thrill users and give them what they want: a fun, interactive buying experience. We found these womens’ fashion items on http://www.adikastyle.com/ and we thought you’d like to see how a simple and easy to use product bundler can be created with Doogma’s patented technology.

Custom clothing from head to toe

If there’s one trend that’s catching fire season-after-season, it’s personalization. In fact, the demand for fresh and personally-customized outfits is big business, and there’s no sign of it slowing down. Shoppers are connecting and engaging with companies that get this trend. Increasingly, they are gravitating towards brands that get who they are and why they want to let their unique style shine through. With lots of leading brands now tapping into the desire to individualize, shopping behavior and expectations are also changing. If you want to keep up with what customers want, then adding a customization element to your website is a great way to do this.

Our patented solution, the Doogma Designer™, can help you meet this appetite for unique and fresh designs. Our software is easy to integrate and works flawlessly with any e-commerce solution. User-friendly and completely interactive, it will keep customers coming back for more. 

Haute-couture? We say custom-couture

Delivering success stories for our clients within the area of product configuration is what we do. And, it’s what led us to create our very own patented solution, the Doogma Designer™. Developed and packaged as SaaS, it’s an interactive tool that seamlessly embeds into your e-commerce platform. A user-friendly design means there’s no complicated software, just a smart, simple, easy-to-use customization tool customers can engage and play with. With additional features such as product bundling and social engagement built-in, it forms a comprehensive and visually engaging experience that elevates brand interaction and appeal.

Mass-produced is so last season

For shoppers, the choices are endless these days. And, when it comes to clothing and fashion, there’s a whole world for them to explore right at their fingertips. Fast-fashion within the digital landscape means brands hit the refresh button on edits more quickly, leading to shorter collection turnaround and higher demand for new, more exciting looks. All that makes standing out in a crowded marketplace where seasonal trends move fast increasingly tricky, especially if you’re relying on mass-produced styles that are popping up on every feed. Offering customers an engaging and interactive experience is the solution here. Combine this with letting customers design their own apparel, and you’ve got something special. Doogma’s clothing customization tool, powered by the Doogma Designer™, allows you to do just this. Customers can browse different selections, swap items in and out, and compare different looks or designs all before checkout. Our visual interface lets users see exactly what outfit they’re putting together and how their design will turn out, taking the guesswork out of purchasing. The additional interactive bundling feature makes it easy for users to mix and match different pieces to put together the perfect outfit.

The new edit has arrived and it’s customized

They say fashion is all about self-expression, so help shoppers unleash their inner fashionista with custom clothing designs and outfits. Empower customers to access completely customizable apparel and personalized products at the click of a button with Doogma Designer™. We’re reinventing the online shopping experience so you can boost sales and increase customer loyalty.

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Whether you sell custom cookies, custom cookie jars, baked items or other special foods, the Doogma Team can assist you to create the best online product customization experience to engage and thrill your customers.
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