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Custom Logo t-Shirt

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Get your basics right with custom t-shirts

A t-shirt might be the most basic clothing item you can own. But make it yours, and it becomes so much more. T-shirt lovers want to stand out from the crowd. They look for ways to distinguish themselves from their peers and are always on the hunt for designs that will set them apart and reflect their personal style. That’s why, for a lot of customers, mass-produced t-shirts just won’t cut it. Limited colorways, pre-ordered stock, and seasonally-driven trends make it difficult for them to find unique, quirky clothing pieces that channel their one-of-a-kind personality.

Enter t-shirt customization. With Doogma’s custom t-shirt design software, you can help deliver apparel your customers crave. Our seamless experience empowers visitors to create their own novel t-shirt designs. Our technology gives shoppers access to endless possibilities with control over color, custom logos, cut, and more, making for an interactive e-commerce experience like no other.

From bland to beautiful (and totally customizable)

Our cutting-edge SaaS solution, the Doogma Designer™, is what powers our t-shirt customization software. That enables customers to personalize clothing and products with a fast and easy shopping experience on your website. Using innovative visualization software, Doogma Designer™ gives visitors access to a rich configuration tool, so they can create unique apparel that isn’t sold anywhere else. It’s both an exciting and enjoyable interactive experience that will keep visitors coming back and the perfect way to give them more control over their finished product. Upsell multiple products and make all available purchase options visible with our world-class solution.

Been there, done that, but don’t have the t-shirt?

These days, customers don’t just want the same old products. When it comes to their style, they’ve got something to say. What they really want are statement pieces that share something about them, whether that’s their style, personality, or unique point of view. Give shoppers the ability to make a statement with Doogma Designer™. Our software provides full access to a range of colors, styles, and logo designs to help customers create their dream t-shirt. They can change everything from necklines and colorways to the text and graphics they want their t-shirt to display.

Acting as a visual design studio within your website, the designer allows users to select their preferred changes and apply them to see what they look like in real-time. They can modify, print, and share their designs for a unique and completely personalized experience with your brand. A co-creator within the purchase journey, our t-shirt customizing software is the perfect solution for tapping into the demand of the latest generation of buyers. Our solution integrates seamlessly with all major e-commerce platforms and can be delivered in under a month.

Freshly pressed style you can count on

No two t-shirts should be the same. At least, that’s what we believe when it comes to making customers happy. And chances are they’ll be delighted if you give them the power to design something that’s totally them. Our online custom t-shirt design software can do just that. It’s a fantastic way of elevating your brand perception and the experience customers have when shopping with you.

Now, meeting your customer’s digital demands is just as easy as throwing on a fresh tee. Find out how Doogma Designer™ can enhance your brand today.

Improve and increase the order process while exciting your customers with an interactive designer on your site. Empower customers to design their own t-shirts with different color styles, logo designs, and custom text features . This is the best way to enable users to purchase multiple product features at once. Ask your Doogma consultant how to use this exciting technology to enable customers to customize and share their own designs.
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