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Custom Home Interior Design

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Do it right with DIY custom home interior design

They say home is where the heart is. As such, the furniture that fills up our personal living space should reflect who we are and what makes us happy. This is what customers think about when they shop for furniture and homeware. More importantly, they want pieces that haven’t just been lifted from a magazine page, but ones that tell their personal story in a novel way. All this makes a custom-build visualizer tool an invaluable piece of your customer journey. But finding and developing the right interactive tool is harder than you think. Most software is expensive, clunky, and takes time to quote and build.

At Doogma, we understand the challenge of building a custom home interior design tool that not only performs well but also looks great. So we developed a piece of SaaS that can be further customized for your brand’s needs which integrates easily with platforms like Shopify.

More than a fresh lick of paint

Our patented software, the Doogma Designer™, is the engine behind our custom interior design solution. This unique SaaS developed over several years of working on web-based customization is what allows us to build bespoke and user-focused product configurators for our clients. Our personalization software is robust enough to handle multiple product changes (a key component of interior and furniture customization). Customers can change colors, switch up textures, or drag & drop pieces to breathe their unique style into their designs. From individual furniture modifiers to full room makeover in-store buying experiences, coordinating multiple feature changes, no brief is too complicated for us.

Let’s brighten the place up

When it comes to shopping for their homes, DIY design plays a big role in shaping the online shopping experience consumers want. It’s all about channeling creativity and standing out with a unique sense of style. That extends to when buyers are on the hunt for furniture and homeware. They don’t just want to shop. They want to create statement pieces that will bring their home to life.

With Doogma Designer™, giving customers a rich and immersive experience to design these furniture and homeware pieces has never been easier. Click, drag, drop, or swipe; our interfaces are designed to be simple and fun to use. Our product configurator works in real-time to show customers exactly what they’re designing. Adjust furniture shape and form, switch up textures and material or swatch paint colors side by side and watch your design change before your eyes. Users can apply multiple changes at once and ‘redo’ and ‘undo’ to their heart’s delight until they are 100% satisfied. No matter how complex you want your customization to be, there are little to no extra manufacturing costs with Doogma Designer™. In fact, for companies with large customization capacity, our visual product designer is the perfect way to increase the visibility of all available purchase options.  

Time for a makeover?

Your customers deserve to make their home a special place that’s all about them. Give them the power to build their own bespoke furniture pieces from the ground up that will bring their living environment to life. Product customization is one of the best ways of achieving higher conversion rates but more than this, it helps you build a genuine and lasting relationship with your ideal customer.

Don’t just give your website visitors an online experience they’ll like; give them one they’ll rave about. Contact our team today to find out more about what  Doogma Desginer™.