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Custom Genuine Alligator Oxfords

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Customized Shoe Builder – a Step in the Right Direction

Customizing shoes has transformed from a niche market into a big part of shoe culture over the past few years. From sports shoes and sneakers to Oxfords and boots, most people want to break free and add individuality and exclusivity to their shoes. Even big brand shoes such as Comverse, Nike and Vans have gotten into the customization action and there is no doubt that consumers are shifting to prefer custom, as opposed to off-the-rack footwear. With a plethora of design options being offered by online shoemakers, you need a custom shoe design software solution that will help you take that giant leap in the footwear industry. With Doogma’s online shoe design tool, you can offer an excellent shoe customization facility on your e-commerce site. Customers want stylish and unique shoe designs that complement and complete their look. They want to experiment and dazzle the world with their ideas and creativity. Give your customers the freedom they want to create their own shoe design with our customized shoe builder.

Customization that Walks the Talk

Doogma provides you with a simple, easy and fast way to start offering your customers a personalized shopping experience. The shoe builder is powered by Doogma Designer™, a powerful visual product customization software platform that helps create configurable visualizations of your shoes for use on your website or e-commerce platform. Our product designer software is compatible with various e-commerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, Weebly, WooCommerce, and PrestaShop among others. It has been designed to be platform agnostic.

Putting your Best Foot Forward

You can easily integrate our online shoe design tool with your website and offer an interactive and user-friendly interface for your customers. Decide on the different areas of the shoes that you want customer to design (sole, upper panel, shoelaces, etc.) and provide the different customization options of color, patterns, text and more. As each option is selected, the result can be immediately previewed by your customers and can be modified at any stage. Custom designed shoes have emerged as a popular trend amongst men and women of all ages, but particularly with the millennials who are passionate about fashion and have a deep-seated desire for self-expression and recognition. Basically, when you empower your customers to customize an item, they pour a little part of themselves into it, they feel that it already belongs to them, and they value it more – and are therefore motivated to finalize their purchase, and even pay a premium. A successful customization strategy will make your customer a co-producer of value alongside your brand. Our custom shoe design software will help your footwear business move forward in leaps and bounds. Regardless of whether your customers want formal shoes, sandals or sneakers, Doogma has developed an advanced shoe design tool that lets your customers personalize their footwear as per their requirements and assures greater sales and revenues for your online footwear store.

Leap Clear of the Competition

To excel in the consumer-based economy that is governed by emotions and personal branding you need to implement custom shoe design software into your business model. Installing the software on your website will differentiate your brand from your competition. It will boost sales, improve overall efficiency, and provide a better user experience. Your customers will enjoy visiting your website and designing their perfect pair of shoes. Since shoe shopping is an extremely personal experience, by providing customization capabilities you will be creating a loyal customer base that will return to your website time and again and ultimately, will spread the word about your business and services. People want to create their own items. They may want the brand look, but they also want to put their own unique spin on it. By offering customization, you’ll be able to cater to consumers who want more from their retail experiences. Give your customers a deeper, richer experience, give them a voice by giving them a choice and you will find your business booming.

Captivate your customers with a custom shoe configurator. The shoe designer empowers users to select color and logo styles. The Doogma solution is the best way to let your users to buy multiple products at once. Ask your Doogma consultant how to use this exciting technology to enable customers to design and share “looks”. With a Doogma Designer on your site, your customers will be engaged in designing shoes and buying shoes within a couple of minutes.
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