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Women’s Handbag Designer

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Your product customization in the bag

A handbag is one of those personal purchases, an item customers carry with them every day and take everywhere. For some, it can even hold their entire life. There are lots of ready-made handbags out there, but most of them just won’t do. Whether it’s a missing zip, not enough pockets, or the wrong color, there’s a lot that can get in the way of a purchase. More and more, customers want to invest in items that are specific to their needs. That means purchasing a handbag that not only reflects their personal and professional style, but that also works with their day-to-day life.

At Doogma, we’ve perfected the product customization process. Our handbag configurator is based on our patented SaaS solution, the Doogma Designer™, which we developed to reinvent how customers personalize their products. Customers can shop, create and share their statement piece all before checkout through our easy-to-use interface.

Get carried away with personalization

We’ve already built 1,000s of product configurators, so we know what we’re doing. Our experience means you’ll be getting a user-friendly solution we’ve spent years evolving and perfecting. From design brief to launch, it only takes 21 days for us to develop and integrate your interactive handbag customizer. Choose from a wide range of tools, features, and design options, and we’ll build an interactive product configurator to meet your exact needs. Our patented SaaS solution, the Doogma Designer™ allows us to develop your software quickly and efficiently. From web responsive product configurators to larger-scale in-store experiences, no project is too big for us.

If you can bag it, we’ll build it

Customization can drive more conversion and repeat business, making it a smart addition to any website or online shopping experience. When customers can add their unique flair to a product in a visually engaging way, it’s more likely to result in a purchase. On top of this, if you’ve got the capacity to offer various options such as different colorways, materials, and elements like handbag zips and pull tabs, then a customizer is an excellent solution to promote these. Our bespoke handbag designer gives customers a bold, visual interface where they can design a handbag just for them. Users can adjust handle drop, select pockets, and change colors and materials to create their perfect fashion accessory. They can also print their design to share with friends and family before purchase. We’ve baked in social engagement so that your customers become your biggest advocates. Our social-sharing feature allows visitors to share their designs online, drawing more eyes to your products. Whether you’re on Shopify, Wix, Magento, or any other major e-commerce platform, Doogma Designer™ will seamlessly integrate with your website.

What’s in your bag?

Why make an off-the-shelf purchase that’s not quite right when you can design an accessory that fits effortlessly into your life? That’s the question newer generations of buyers are beginning to ask. The marketplace is increasingly saturated with choice, making it harder for brands to break the mold. Catering directly to what consumers need and want with custom and bespoke products is one of the most powerful ways to stand out.

Let Doogma Desginer™ help your customers create the perfect statement piece and fall in love with your brand through beautiful and engaging customization.

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