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Doogma Custom Sport Cake Designer

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Birthdays, weddings, bar mitzvahs and all kinds of celebrations often require a show stopping centre piece. Many people want that to be  a cake. Everyone loves cake right? So it is no wonder that these special occasions often require a very special cake. Imagine the scene, your team has just won the world series. All your friends have gathered for a celebratory party. In the centre of the room you have a large baseball themed cake, decorated in the colors of your team. Not only that, but you were able to order that cake in minutes and customize it yourself. It even says congratulations to your team on the cake. Huge brownie points to you and no hassle. No need to go down to the cake shop to place the order. No need to try and explain what you want or spend hours searching for a picture to show them what you want. The template is there, all you need to do is add your specific colors, messages and choose the basic design from the menu. This is what your customers can get with Doogma’s cake configurator software.

You Set The Parameters

A bespoke cake can take a lot of time and money to create and not everyone has a budget for that. But they still want to feel like the cake they are getting is special and personal to them and unique to their celebration. With Doogma’s cake configurator you can set the parameters for your customers to be able to personalize their cake. You can set size and shape options, color choices and decoration options. You can then set a specified number of characters/words for the personal messages. Your customer can then select the size and shape of the cake they want. They choose between your set toppings and decorations. If you allow the options of gluten free, sponge, chocolate or lemon etc, then your customers can specify this too. Next they can choose the design. Do they want a football cake, a baseball cake or something else? All options will be there in a handy drop down menu. The beauty of the Doogma cake configurator is that it updates their choices in real-time. This means they can see how it is going to look with each of the changes they are making. What about colors? They may wish to change the colors around the edge of the cake to match their team colors for example. Or perhaps they want to change the color of something else on the cake. You get to set what can and can’t be altered and you get to choose what colors and styles the customer has to choose between. They get to feel like they are designing a unique cake. Finally, there is the personalization. The customer can type out their message in the box provided and see it magically appear on their virtual cake design.

Whether you sell custom cakes or other special foods, the Doogma Team can assist you to create the best online product customization experience to engage and thrill your customers.

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