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Mix and Match from Sour Patch Kids Hits the Sweet Spot

What’s Sour then Sweet but always delicious? SOUR PATCH KIDS, a fun, soft and chewy candy beloved by kids, teenagers, and adults. 

One of the driving forces behind Sour Patch Kids growth was its success in cinemas, and it became a staple for moviegoers in the U.S. Now Sour Patch Kids can turn any day into a party and be used for celebrations, parties, birthdays and more. 

Sour Patch Kids is a major brand of Mondelēz International whose mission is to empower people to snack right by offering the right snack, for the right moment, made the right way.

In line with its mission, Sour Patch Kids has introduced “Make My Mix”, an online visual customization experience powered by Doogma. It enables users to choose their own mix of flavors and select their packaging and personalize their mix. Each step is accompanied by graphic representation of their choice, making it that much more fun to mix and match.

Now customers can truly create the right snack for the right occasion. Choose red, white and blue kids for Independence Day or Berry kids for a Forest Themed party or Tropical kids for an Island getaway, whatever you choose, the options are endless and are guaranteed to hit the sweet spot each time.

Sour Patch Kids has created a brand-new revenue stream with their Mix and Match service. The high demand for personalized Sour Patch Kids confirms that consumers are willing to pay premium prices for customized and personalized products. 

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Wilson is Playing to Win with Personalized Golf Balls

Founded way back in 1913, Wilson Sporting Goods is one of the most recognizable sports equipment brands in North America, manufacturing high quality products for team sports, racquet sports and golf. 

Wilson’s mission is to ignite the true potential in every athlete. As such, they developed a strategy to create products that would improve an athlete’s performance, an approach that emphasizes innovation. And innovation comes in surprising ways.

One such innovation is the digitalization and personalization of sports equipment. Understanding that the latest trend of personalization is “gold”, Wilson is now offering personalization options for its golf balls on their website. 

Customers simply upload personal images, text or logos which are then transferred onto their ball of choice, providing customers with an immediate visual representation of their personalized golf ball. Tricky graphic issues, like removing backgrounds from logos, are easily taken care of by the smart, user interface. 

By personalizing and tailoring the customer’s experience with their sports equipment, Wilson effectively converts customers from recipients of value, to co-creators of value, making them feel part of the team and reinforcing brand loyalty. 

This so appealed to Wilson that they have now expanded their personalization offering to include footballs and basketballs. 

This capability has enabled Wilson to implement a direct to customer (D2C) sales strategy which significantly reduces distribution, warehouse and other logistical costs and increases the resulting profit margin. Now that is what we call giving it your best shot.

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Leading the Pack with Customization

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is one of the nation’s largest and most prominent values-based youth development organizations, providing programs for young people that build character. The mission of the BSA is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law. 

The Scouting program in America has always included uniforms for its members and volunteers to identify members and show they are part of the BSA. BSA programs are divided by age and activity and each have their own uniforms, accessories, and insignias.

The process of ordering the right uniforms and accessories for scouts was long and complex. The executive leadership at BSA realized that they needed to create an online uniform shopping website that offered the multitude of options while reducing the complexity of mixing and matching all the components.

With this in mind, BSA set out to find a technology partner that could create an e-commerce experience tailored to the specific needs of pack leaders. They found their solution with the Doogma Designer™. Instead of laying out inventory categories, the uniform builder utilizes interactive bundling, enabling customers to add multiple products simultaneously from one product page, which makes it simple and easy for pack leaders to create the uniform they needed.

The uniform builder provides BSA customers the next level shopping experience. Customers choose the scout level and gender required. This generates a personalized image that changes as choices such as tops, bottoms, accessories, including personalized pack numbers, badges and insignias, are made, giving them an immediate visual of their combined choices.

The result of bundling personalized uniform pieces and accessories helped BSA massively upgrade order sizes and reduced their cart abandonment rates. Customers spend more time on the site, buy more items and stay engaged throughout the process. Now BSA is helping their customers in ways they never even imagined while realizing great returns. 

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MudLOVE makes Customization a Labor of Love

MudLOVE makes bracelets and pottery mugs but they are so much more than that. Their purpose is to disrupt patterns of brokenness with the creative pursuit of love. It’s in their name, after all. They start with mud, and end with love. But how does that manifest into their work? 

From the beginning, MudLOVE was created to do good. Luke Wright, CEO and Founder of MudLOVE wanted to do something meaningful with his new business. With nothing more than an old stamp set, a box of clay, and a plan to support clean water projects in Africa, Luke rolled clay into coils, and carefully stamped the words faith, hope, and love on 100 bracelets. He set them out in his shop to gauge interest. They sold out in a matter of days. And that was how MudLOVE was born. 

Today, over a decade later, MudLOVE has moved into a space in downtown Warsaw which houses a production space, pottery studio, warehouse, and offices. The team has also grown with over 50 people in production, shipping, creative and customer care.

As demand and the company grew, MudLOVE turned to online customization to allow customers to add their own personal stamp on these items. That is when Doogma was approached to provide the perfect customization platform for their online business. It was a match made in heaven. 

Whether customers want to buy bracelets or mugs for inspiration, as a thoughtful gift or a fundraiser, they can add words, images, and choose their colors to match their requirements and see the result immediately. This added level of personalization doesn’t just give the customer what they want – it also creates a closer bond between the brand and the customer. 

That is the added value that Doogma brings to the table. Personalization creates value for customers who are often willing to pay a little more for this service. There is already so much to love about MudLOVE and with Doogma’s platform, they are able to realize their mission to do good and share the love.

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Brewster Belts Adds a Customization Notch to their Belt

The belt is an often-neglected area of attire. Many people go for a traditional dark belt to blend in with the rest of the outfit but adding something eye-catching and unique can transform the entire ensemble. Brewster Belt Company, offering custom needlepoint belts, wallets, key fobs, dog collars, flasks, and more, began creating designed needlepoint product and soon started receiving requests for customized needlepoint products from their customers, particularly belts.

So, they created a custom workshop with talented needlepointers who stitch one-of-a-kind products designed by customers. That’s how Brewster Belt Company came to be.  Today, their mission is to help customers create original needlepoint products, while offering amazing customer service from design through delivery.

With customization at the heart of the business, Brewster Belt wanted to take it to the next level to better serve their customers and ease the ordering process. They implemented the Doogma Designer™ online customization software on their e-commerce site to allow customers to select, mix and match their preferences to create a belt that was uniquely theirs. 

Customers can choose leather, buckle and background colors, background patterns and design colors, add monograms and select their belt size. All options are clearly displayed, and the image is updated with the selected option, providing an interactive visual representation of the product as each selection is made. 

With the Doogma Designer, customers are offered the opportunity to create their own unique belt quickly and easily and see the result of their design immediately, resulting in enormous customer satisfaction. 

From the beginning, Brewster Belt understood that personalization is a differentiating factor in businesses and is one of the keys to a retention strategy. Getting the ultimate personalized experience right not only drives overall revenue growth for their business but also grows loyalty and boosts customer lifetime value. In fact, Brewster Belt confirms that more than 30% of their business comes from repeat customers and referrals.

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Busy Beaver are Right on the Button with Customization

Let’s face it, pin-back buttons, which have been around since the founding fathers, have had such a long life because they are fun for young and old alike.  Whether you are advertising a rock band, worthy cause, political candidate or poking fun at the human psyche, pin-back buttons make us smile. They are the message boards of our soul, passions and zest for life.

Since 1995, the Busy Beaver Button Company has produced tens of millions of buttons and created hundreds of thousands of designs. They understand the importance of expression, sharing ideas, and building community. Which is why they love turning ideas into shareable custom buttons and stickers. 

Over the years and with an eye on eco-friendly manufacturing and constant quality control, Founder and CEO Christen Carter, has built the business into a 25-person production facility for high-quality, on-demand buttons. However, when production reached the 100,000 buttons per week mark, a back-log in proofing was identified. Customers needed to see detailed, accurate mockups of the buttons before going to press, and the back and forth of digital proofs proved to be time consuming and inefficient.

Busy Beaver knew that they needed a “Design Your Own Button” system for the company website but creating an in-house program proved to be too costly and technically challenging. So, they turned to Doogma who provided them with an affordable option they could easily integrate into their website.

With Doogma’s customization and personalization platform, customers can customize their button, choose their special finish and instantly see exactly what the final product will look like.   The benefits were multi-faceted; a streamlined order process, increased sales, higher customer satisfaction, and greater customer familiarization with special product finishes and other unique product options.

Denise Gibson, Director of Marketing, Sales & Customer Experience at Busy Beaver concluded “Our profitability per order has increased,” and attributed this outcome to streamlined workflows and customer satisfaction.

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BuyJumpRopes is One Jump Ahead of the Rest with Customization

Since 1999, BuyJumpRopes is in business to have a lasting, positive impact on society. In their 20+ years in the business they have found that gaining a mastery in jump rope helps people feel more confident, gives a boost to their self-worth, and makes a big difference in their health.

BuyJumpRopes were always determined to be one jump ahead of the game and be the top name in high-quality, durable and colorful jump ropes. They achieved this goal with the use of beads which protect the cord and make the rope last much longer. In addition, the weight of the beads helps the jumper better control the rope and build muscle faster. 

When it comes to customization, BuyJumpRopes was again one jump ahead of the rest when they gave customers the option to customize their own jump rope. Customers could choose their own bead colors, thickness, cord material and handle construction. The only problem was that customers could not always visualize their creation.

Jordan Lindstrom, CEO of BuyJumpRopes: “We had this amazing capacity to sell all kinds of ropes but we had no web solution that could visually represent all those options”.

Always on the lookout for growth opportunities, and with customer engagement and satisfaction a high priority, BuyJumpRopes embarked on a search for an online customization engine. With Doogma, they found a partner they were willing to jump in with as according to their web developers, there was nothing in the market that could match Doogma.

Now customers can design their own personalized jump rope online and see the results immediately. Leveraging the Doogma design engine on their website, BuyJumpRopes is now better able to serve the need for customized jump ropes than anyone else in the market.

The improved customer experience with a range of personalization features has given BuyJumpRopes a huge advantage and production shifted into high gear to meet the growing demand. In fact, according to Jordan Lindstrom, by incorporating the Doogma engine, sales of customized jump ropes increased by 50%. It is no wonder that BuyJumpRopes are jumping for joy.

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Staying Ahead of the Pack with Customized Dog Tags

DogIDs set out to produce high quality dog tags that wouldn’t rust or fade. It is no secret that dogs are very curious creatures that have no qualms about sticking their noses and paws into whatever they can. They feel an urge to explore and to gain information about the world around them. 

DogIDs started as an online business over 15 years ago with the mission of making the world a better place for all furry friends. They understood the curious nature of dogs and their penchant of getting lost in their adventure. Their priority was to ensure the safe return of these pets to their loving homes. Existing collars often break after a few months and low-cost dog tags quickly discolor, crack or rust. DogIDs realized that they needed to create products that are crafted with durable materials that are designed to last for years of adventure. 

As their range of personalized pet items grew and their customer base expanded, it became unmanageable to quickly personalize and customize all their incoming orders. The main challenge was to show customers exactly what they were ordering, as well as shorten the time from initial contact to final shipping. That is when they approached Doogma to integrate the configurator platform into their online business.

“We definitely noticed a difference right away,” said Clint Howitz, founder of DogIDs. “A lot of times with an online business it’s hard to measure exactly what’s working, but since we installed Doogma about nine months ago, we’ve seen a 25% increase in conversions. Our customers really like to see what they are ordering before they buy it.” 

Customers are invited to choose the type of collar they want and the color of the collar, and can write their own text on the ID tag in a font of their choice and view the resulting design in real time. With Doogma’s platform, customization and personalization have been transformed into something simple, fun and exciting.

Customers value the ability to co-create products, especially for their best friends. Around the world, online businesses are growing in popularity, but it is particularly important for brands to create a personal bond through the shopping experience. Customization and personalization are proven to provide that personal touch.

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Dynamic Team Sports is Upping its Game with Custom Sports Uniforms

With over 30 years of experience in uniform construction, design, and sublimation, Dynamic Team Sports has outfitted athletes from the youth travel team dugout to the professional pitcher’s mound. 

Dynamic Team Sports has a profound understanding that each team is anything but uniform. Their custom designed uniforms are as unique as the teams that wear them. Their staff of designers work directly with the customer to understand their vision and translate their team’s unique style into a garment that stands out among the rest.

Employing Doogma’s uniform builder throughout their website, Dynamic Team Sports is able to offer their customers a unique user experience. Customers select their team colors upfront and then toggle between a variety of cuts and styles, all displayed in the chosen colors, to decide on their preferred design. Other rich features such as text, fonts, colors, numbers and logos can be added and positioned on the uniform to reach a final product.

The uniform builder also supports roster details and customers can easily upload .csv or .xlxs files containing their roster information. 

After studying the buying processes of Athletics Directors, Team Managers and Coaches, Dynamic Team Sports realized that providing a rich customization experience in which customers can design and customize their uniforms with the team colors and instantly see the results, is a winning strategy.  

Normally, fully customized sublimated uniforms can take up to 12 weeks to process but by employing Doogma’s uniform builder, Dynamic Team Sports has reduced this time to 4 week or less. In addition, Doogma’s uniform builder delivers a unique and engaging experience, enabling customer to take an active role in the “product development” process, resulting in greater satisfaction and conversions.  

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Camp Outfitters’ Customization Packs a Punch

Summer camps conjure up fond memories of an idyllic time in our childhood. We remember the thrill of building a fire with friends for the first time, or the carefree afternoons spent swimming under the summer sun. Camp became not just a way to pass summer break, but a vital part of growing up. At camp, children grow, explore and learn about themselves and the people and world around them, and they have fun throughout the entire process. 

Everything Summer Camp is the leading camp outfitter for everything you’ll need to have an unforgettable camp experience. They have a strong focus on their customers and are committed to providing a great product, fantastic customer service, and a wonderful experience.

Everything Summer Camp understands that children who feel they have some control over the decisions in getting ready for camp are happier while at camp. They realized that there is no better way to involve a child than to let them design their own personalized products. 

With Doogma’s Designer™ they found the ideal solution for their e-commerce platform personalization requirements. It enabled Everything Summer Camp to offer more personalizable products than any other camp outfitter. The personalization capability enabled them to provide customers with the ability to infuse their child’s distinct personality into their products from creating their own trunks, nameplates, laundry bags, and more. 

Customers can choose colors, patterns, fonts, icons and more. As each option is selected, the image changes to reflect the change, providing customers with an immediate visual representation of their choices and combinations, easing the selection process and instilling a sense of confidence in the design.

Customers love the personalization tool. Everything Summer Camp’s extensive inventory feels personalized to each unique shopper. They create a user experience that is fun for kids and blissfully easy for parents. As a result, Everything Summer Camp site has received positive reviews from users which translated into increased orders, revenue growth and higher conversion rates.   

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Gaspard Takes a Leap of Faith to Create something Special

Gaspard is one of the top three manufacturers of Christian vestments anywhere. They produce hand-crafted robes, special religious garments, vestments, banners and all kinds of clergy essentials for churches across the US and further afield.

Gaspard uses the highest quality fabrics and hires the finest artisans as they understand that quality is not expensive; it is priceless. This attitude has resulted in customer loyalty and word of mouth referrals, the most sought-after marketing outcome that all businesses strive for. 

However, this reputation for excellence also comes with its own challenges. As the business grew, the company realized that in order to serve more customers and maintain their high quality they would have to find a technological solution that would minimize the time from the initial design to final shipping.

After years of investigating various options, Gaspard found Doogma Not only did it provide them with a more efficient approach to the ordering process but it also enabled them to meet the special requirements of each individual church easily and seamlessly.

With the Doogma platform, Gaspard could use their own illustrations and photos to provide examples of the rich feel and coloring of each garment. By adding the Doogma platform, customers are then able to mix and match options to reach and see their final design in real time. Customers understandably want to feel confident about the designs and fabrics before they committed to making a purchase and Doogma’s platform makes this possible.

Jason Gaspard explains, “Our customers love our Custom Corner. They enjoy the freedom of selecting the fabric, the braid, the lining and more. They can see their orders materialize in real-time and share the images with the other decision-makers in the church.”

A further advantage of the online site and customization is that it has eliminated one of Gaspard’s biggest expenses, mailing out thousands of glossy catalogs to customers. By moving the inventory online and deploying Doogma to make it customizable has not only modernized the entire operation but has enabled customers to co-create their own customized apparel. That is a leap of faith that resulted in a positive outcome.

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A Breath of Fresh Air with Custom Screens

Windows are an important part of home construction. They provide many benefits but predominantly they provide light and ventilation. Window screens are an effective method to facilitate these benefits and provide homeowners with a comfortable and healthy indoor living environment. They also provide protection from insects and other pests and window screens such as solar screens can offer relief from the heat and could lower energy bills.  There may be common sizes, but window screens are typically unique to the property. 

Metro Screenworks offers high-quality and affordable window screen options for homeowners, contractors, and others looking for window screens, screen doors, and other screen products. They position themselves as a custom screen provider and take great pride in offering their customers with any screen solution they need. 

To ease the customization process for their customers, Metro Screenworks implemented the Doogma Designer™ interactive online customization software that lets customers create their custom window screen to perfectly fit their unique window requirements. 

With the Doogma Designer customers select the screen material according to their needs, enter their precise measurement requirements, choose the frame color, add cross bars if required and select any additional hardware they may need. As each selection is made, an image is updated with the choice to provide a visual representation of the product.  Regardless of the kind or size of window screen customers want, the custom designer provides them with ample choices to ensure they get exactly what they need. 

This simplified the ordering process, meeting the customers’ unique specification and offering ease and convenience. This resulted in hundreds of five-star reviews from pleased customers who remarked on the ease of ordering and tremendous service. For Metro Screenworks this meant increased conversion rates and many return customers.

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Rest Easy with Customization

For over a century, A1 American (A-1 Textiles) has been producing top-quality textiles and other essential supplies to the Hospitality, Healthcare, Commercial Laundry, Fitness and Vacation Rental markets. Their mission is to make their customers’ supply solutions simpler with a vast selection of textiles, equipment, products & services. Their aim is to stay on the cutting edge of textile technology with a commitment to excellence.

Appearances and comfort matter more in the hospitality industry than anywhere else and A1 American believes that the success of their customers’ business depends on aesthetics and providing a luxurious experience. The hospitality industry requires specialized textiles that provide the utmost comfort while still being simple to keep pristine.

To help customers achieve success and provide a seamless supply solution, A-1 American decided to create an e-commerce experience where customers can design their own bed according to architectural, interior design of the guestroom and match the aesthetics of their property.  With the Doogma Designer™ A-1 American realized that they could offer their customers a unique, interactive tool that enables customers to add, mix and match various elements to achieve their desired look.

The bed designer provides A-1 American customers with the ability to select various components including flooring, bed skirts, top covers, runners and bolsters. Each option comes with a variety of options and customers can mix and match styles and color options to achieve the best combination and design that compliments their property and aesthetics. 

As each item is selected, the image changes to reflect the change, providing customers with an immediate visual representation of their choices and combinations, easing the selection process and instilling a sense of confidence in the design.

The result is that customers feel a sense of ownership of the product and conversion rates increase accordingly. Customers spend more time on the site, purchase more items that complement and enhance their design and stay engaged throughout the process. 

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Ubix Makes Masking Up a Trendy Proposition

We have officially been wearing face masks long enough to witness some specific trends emerge. Whether we like them or not, face masks are here to stay. So how are retailers curating this product to fit into their offering while fitting consumer needs?

It is not surprising to discover that designers are taking all sorts of creative liberties to make everyday face coverings the most stylish they can be. Face masks have evolved from a necessity to the latest status symbol. In contrast to value packs, this opens the market to experiment with styles and designs to create a differentiated item at an elevated price point.

Ubix has picked up on this trend and has taken it even further by enabling customization, making it the ultimate accessory of self-expression. Using Doogma’s DZine1 platform, Ubix created their own “Magic Designer” Page to offer customized face masks. 

Customers upload an image of their choice and using the editing tools, can adjust the size and location of the image on the mask. The engine translates their design in real time onto the different types of masks available. Once customers choose their mask type, they can edit and customize their chosen mask even further.

The ability to show customization directly on the product option page is of great value to customers. The truth is that some designs work better on different product styles and the ability to see their customization on a variety of products makes the selection process easier and leaves the customer feeling confident with their choice. Once the type of product has been selected, customers are able to customize their chosen mask even further. 

Frequently customers don’t even realize what they want until they’ve seen it or experienced it. By enabling customers to customize a variety of products visually at the same time, the potential to sell more items is increased. 

Doogma’s Magic Designer provides numerous benefits to the retailer from increased sales and greater profit margins with premium pricing to the ability to spot trends and buying habits that can be leveraged to improve products or create new ones. There is no masking  that fact. 

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Wall Street Greetings is Connecting with a Personal Touch 

From its modest beginnings, with one investment themed holiday card for a financial advisor over 25 years ago, Wall Street Greetings has grown into three brands – Wall Street Greetings, Horseshoe Greetings and WSG Promo – providing customized greeting cards for every occasion to various industries with annual sales of up to 5 million stationery pieces.

Ordering from Wall Street Greetings means supporting USA made products, committing to protecting the environment and partnering with a WBE-certified company. Their cards and envelopes are manufactured on recycled paper stocks or by FSC accredited companies and Wall Street Greetings supports various nonprofit projects including the National Forest Foundation. 

Sending a card is a timeless, simple yet meaningful way to acknowledge and connect with clients. With busy schedules and inability to meet in-person, it is more important than ever to reach out to others and the value of a handwritten personal note should not be underestimated. 

Whether you want to thank clients for their trust and loyalty, send a holiday or birthday greeting or congratulate them on a life event, Wall Street Greetings has the perfect card for each occasion which can be easily and seamlessly personalized.

Wall Street Greetings has a profound understanding that it is the personal touch that make all the difference, and with that in mind, integrated the Doogma personalization platform to their online card offering. Now customers can choose their preferred card, add an image and/or personalized text, choose the font style and color and view the result in real time.

In addition, the platform enables customers to save a preferred design to make reordering or restocking the same card again down the road, simple and easy. These capabilities have not only boosted sales of their greeting cards and left customers feeling confident and pleased with their purchases but provides Wall Street Greetings with the perfect means of ensuring that customers keep returning. Now that is a smart move.

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