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Online Retailers Create Sweet New Technology for Online Product Customization

The team at Mason Jar Cookie Company loves homemade cookies. Just as important to the cookie making process is making things fast, easy, delicious, and product customization to all palettes.

On Mason Jar Cookie company’s website, anyone can easily design their own Jar blend (and even name it on the label! Each Jar is lovingly handpacked by Cookie Artisans with virtually every ingredient – right down to the Jar – made in the good ol’ US of A. They support US Military Veterans on the custom Artisanal production line – it makes us feel good and it should make you feel good too.

Modify Furniture With Our Product Customization Software

Modify Furniture has one ambition: to help people furnish their spaces with contemporary, versatile pieces that they can design themselves.

Marci Klein founded the company. She was born and raised in New York. She spent more than 20 years working in pediatrics after graduating from medical school from NYU.

Her true passion surfaced later. Marci wanted to provide a way for individuals and families alike to create furniture that is versatile, durable, and customizable to fit their own visions. She began creating her own furniture designs in her college dorm room. Technology finally caught up with her vision and she imagined a platform that could be used by anyone interested in personalized sustainable furniture and accessories for the home.

Today, that idea is now in action and gives those seeking custom renovation options an entirely new opportunity to do so regardless of their own professional design experience. However, the road was not without bumps.

Offering her customers a simple and interactive tool to help them design their furniture pieces was not easy. Most custom built “visualizer tools”, the software that drives the do-it-yourself experience, were either out of her budget, or didn’t offer the quality and functionality that was required.

“The first developer we worked with never came through in the end; costing us a good chunk of money and time. I believe we failed with our first developer because of a combination of factors,” says Marci Klein. “Firstly, we were not experienced in the world of web development and didn’t ask all of the right questions. On the developers’ end, communication was not as forthcoming as we expected. There was not complete transparency when it came to set-backs. Frankly, they just couldn’t do it in the end. “

That initial technology failure did not stop Marci or her vision for Modify Furniture. Marci started hunting for a company that specializes in web-based custom designers. The company she found was Doogma.

“Doogma was great to work with from the first phone call. The level of detailed questions they asked gave us confidence that they understood our product and how we wanted our designer to function. We had already developed a Shopify website, something Doogma had not yet worked with. They were very transparent about this and offered us a protected plan, in case it proved not feasible. They gave us frequent and detailed feedback along the way and always kept us in the loop,” says Klein.

The designer Doogma implemented for Modify Furniture offers their online customers a simple, effective product customization tool to design their own furniture.

Try it out yourself at https://modifyfurniture.com/collections/customize-my-furniture and purchase some customized furniture of your own.

modifed furniture store with product customization
mug store with product customization

Turning Mud into Water

Mud into Water? Sounds like a miracle. But it is real. The mechanics are based on human activity, and the results are life saving.

There are 663 million in 2017 that do do not have access to clean water. This is a drop of 40% from 2004 when 1.1 billion people in the world lacked access to clean water but the work is not done. Lack of clean water and proper sanitation continues to kill more people than all forms of violence (including war).

In the Fall of 2009, wheels were turning. Potter’s wheels, that is. Big dreams were becoming a reality inside a tiny garage. With nothing more than an old stamp set, a box of clay, and a plan to support clean water projects in Africa, handmade creations emerged and MudLOVE was born.

“With ‘mud’ in our hands and love in our hearts, the chance to make a difference is our inspiration to create.” says Sean Cruse of MudLOVE.

Every product purchased from mudlove.com provides one week of safe, clean water to someone in need. All of this is made possible through Water for Good (waterforgood.org) and its continual work to transform the Central African Republic, one of the world’s most neglected countries, by building and maintaining wells that access safe water from deep underground aquifers.

With good works comes good feelings. Daniel Townsend, CEO of Plum Tree Group, the company that helped build and market the mudLove.com website, had this to say. “We were motivated by the humble beginnings of Mudlove and by the social impact they’ve had in Africa and other parts of the world. This was a fun project to work on and it makes it all the more rewarding when you can work with such an awesome brand.”

However, mudLove.com was facing an issue that needed a specialized custom designer. “When MudLOVE first started making custom bracelets and mugs, we would stamp each letter and character into the clay by hand. After a few years, we switched over to a printed decal system in order to save time. While the results were good, our customers consistently requested a return to our original hand-stamped style” says Sean Cruse of MudLOVE.

They knew that if they were to bring this technique back, they’d need an online solution to help their customers visualize their products as they designed each band and mug. By implementing the Doogma Custom Designer on the site, mudLove was able to realize their vision.

“Having Doogma implement our custom product builders has been a huge step forward for us. Customers love being able to see what their unique pieces will look like before they’re made. On the production side, our artists can easily view a customer’s design, and translate that to the stamps and clay. This new system has allowed us to have a perfect combination of modern technology and timeless craft. Our sales of custom products has increased, and more importantly, we’ve been able to return to our roots without sacrificing time or quality. We look forward to working with Doogma in the future, as we discover even more possibilities for improvement and innovation.” says Sean Cruse of MudLOVE.

As for Doogma, they are very grateful that mudLove brought them into the project and look forward to helping mudLove grow and keep turning mud into water.

Help turn Mud into Water by visiting mudLove.com.

Creating Custom Handbags Online

Kim Mitchell-Catlett noticed that when people are buying ready made handbags there was always a reaction of “this is a great handbag ‘but’….”

So Mitchell created Bellla Modi, which means “Beautiful Ways”, in case you did not know that. She structured the business so that handbag purchasers would not have to settle for a handbag that is close but not exactly what they want. The entire line of Bella Modi handbags takes advantage of a full customization purchasing experience.

“Bella Modi is committed to evolving the way fashion accessories are designed, worn and sold,” says Mitchell. “No matter your background, age or income, our mission is to provide the tools our customers need to design their perfect look, create their perfect fit and discover their inner fabulous, both personally and professionally.”


Bella Modi handbags and purses are fully customizable, high-quality, leather bags. Using their online configurator tool, customers can select their ideal functionality, size, colors and style – blending fashion and function in a way that gives the shopper exactly what they want and need. And even though they are all custom made, purchasers will receive their custom bags in 6 weeks or less from the date of order.

“These are the highest quality, most customizable handbags available on the market. And as the most customizable handbags on the market, our customers can get the exact handbag that they want,” says Mitchell.


When Bella Modi took on the task of providing customizable products they turned to Doogma. “Working with Doogma was great”, says Mitchell. “Doogma got the concept immediately and they know the visualization customization space better than any of the other companies I interviewed.”

Mitchell reports that Doogma has continued to work with Bella Mode in an open, continuously improving manner. “Doogma acts as a partner and not just a vendor.”

Bag store with product customization
bed store with product customization

A-1 Textiles Displays Endless Bedding Options

The expression “first impressions are lasting ones” is a good mantra for the hotel and hospitality industry, but even more fitting for A1 Textiles. The company specializes in the distribution of elegant bedding and linen combinations and other hotel amenities.

With the assistance of The Doogma Designer™, A1 Textiles offers custom bedding and linen combinations with fabric and color choices available for bed skirts, top covers, runners and bolster cushions. Every selection displays a different picture of the bed, as users see color and fabric selections transforming the beds instantly. In order to easily envision a fully made over hotel room, A1 Textiles’ Doogma Bed Designer offers hotel managers the option to custom coordinate their carpeting. Hotel management can match the venues selected bedding options to their carpets.

Tungsten World Forever Thrills Its Customers

Tungsten World is the largest retailer of tungsten rings and tungsten wedding bands in the world. The Tungsten World brand offers the absolute highest quality women’s & men’s tungsten carbide rings, jewelry products as well as wedding bands. All of their jewelry is offered in a variety of styles to meet the demands of today’s trends and include a lifetime warranty.

The company contacted Doogma looking for a configurator that would enable customers to customize rings on both desktop and mobile. By generating saved designs for their manufacturing team to recreate without the headache of going through hundreds of revisions, they were able to successfully shorten the sales cycle for their customers. Their most popular rings designs, the Thor and Moderno, have become a thrilling design experience with different customization options such as stone type, size, interwoven, inlays – all displayed in real time!

Rings store with product customization
guitar store with product customization

Autonomous Guitar Customization For Autonomy Guitars Shoppers

Oren Levy, Founder of Autonomy Guitars discovered that a lot of guitar buyers wanted that chance to look under the hood and to build their instruments – with some guidance from Autonomy Guitars. With Doogma’s customization technology, Oren empowered his guitar buyers, indicating “This technology is accessible now that lets people translate their ideas from the ether to an actual guitar. Autonomy Guitars takes away the complexity of designing and building a custom guitar.”

Oren needed a quick turnaround time in getting the solution rolled out with the ability for the tool to push the limits of the visual designs available to customers while offering an excellent sound. Doogma was able to meet Oren’s need for a feasible and viable solution, as the company already had the relationships with manufacturers to provide guitar parts of high craftsmanship at good value for their DIY kits. Coupled with the creative designs of their buyers, these pieces are made for show and provide a unique user experience for Autonomy Guitars’ clientele.

Create Your Own Footlocker With Everything Summer Camp Product Customization

Recommended by over 240 camps for its high-quality customer service, amazing products and lightning-fast shipping, Everything Summer Camp developed a name as a one-stop-shop for a huge range of camping supplies and equipment in the last 26 years. Recently, the company sought a solution that would shorten the design time for customized items such as the Lidskinz, name plates, laundry bags and footlocker trunks.

The Doogma Designer was the perfect solution for product customization, allowing a vast array of colorful templates, customized fonts and colors. Customers now no longer wait for the sales team to approve their design, but are fully engaged in the process themselves, creating trunks and footlockers suited to their individual personalities. Everything Summer Camp now offers more personalizable products than any other camp outfitter.

footlocker store with product customization
t shirt store with product customization screenshot

Building Team Spirit With Sportsdecals Apparel

Sportsdecals is one of the premier customer apparel and decal providers, specializing in team apparel and promotional products. They offer only the highest quality in screenprinting, embroidery, dye sublimation, specialty inks, unique customization and even more.

Sportsdecals successfully engages with their customers using the Doogma Designer, which assists in customizing items by enabling the selection of different colors, patterns, team logos, mascots, custom text, and even the ability to upload their own unique images. After completing the design order, a link is automatically generated for the graphics team and designer to immediately start work. This link drastically shortens the sales process. After designs are completed, customers continue to engage with the brand by showing off their designs on various social media platforms.

Modify Furniture – Making It Your Own

Modify Furniture is a design/build furniture studio based in Bridgeport, CT. A small studio with big ideas. We believe home is an extension of who we are, and we are all unique. At Modify, we give you the tools to design furniture that is distinctly you.

The Polychrome Series is a clean, modern, and versatile line that gives you a blank canvas to explore, design and create your own look, and color your world with abandon. In addition to the Polychrome storage units, coffee table and desk, our small storage and accessory line is designed to coordinate with the Polychrome Series and maximize function in an innovative and stylish way. Ever evolving, adapting and reinventing ourselves is an inherent part of human nature, so we created our furniture to change with your tastes or needs. By offering colored sliding panels that are easy to swap, you can redesign your furniture every day. Furniture made to evolve with you. Darwin would be so proud!

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Head-To-Toe Product Customization For Motionwear’s Customers

When Emily Wilson couldn’t find high quality, comfortable and fashionable dancewear for her daughter, she started to design and sew her own superior-fitting leotards. Today, while continuing to be passionate about dance apparel fit and function, Motionwear has since expanded and is now the leading provider of superior dance, gymnastics, team, and cheer apparel worldwide.

The company has successfully integrated the Doogma Designer product customization software into its online interactive experience, allowing customers to customize each uniform from head to toe. In addition, Motionwear’s top-of-the-line Lettering Studio allows custom text, style, and color to appear on each cheer uniform in real time.

GameDayScreens – Custom Screens for College Fans

Game Day Screens offers officially licensed, built-to-order window screens sourced and made in the USA. You call the plays and we deliver! Just use the easy guide to measuring, choose your favorite licensed team logo and we build your dream screen and deliver the win to your front porch! Leave them up for a game, a season, or year round!

Our winning team has over 20 years of experience in the product customization market building custom fit window screens. We offer quality products and screen craftsmanship that can’t be beat. Boom! We are centrally located in Dallas, Texas, which allows our product to reach your home at an exceptional rate.

screens for college students
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Luxury Custom Vaporizers by DaVinci

DaVinci manufactures and retails some of the worlds most advanced portable vaporizer products, accessories, and our own line of essential oil blends. We pride ourselves on creating intelligent products with features and designs that stand out to you. DaVinci exclusively sells durable, premium quality product backed by an incredible customer support team!

Quality Custom Exhaust for Your Harley

Bruce still finds time to go out and ride but he doesn’t get very far before he’s asked about the unbelievable sound and sleek look of his American Custom pipes. The entire team at American Custom takes pride in serving you, our customer.

We love to ride and we know that you do too. We know you will enjoy your new American Custom Exhaust System.

After many years and thousands and thousands of happy customers, the team took on their next product customization challenge…creating a brand new, truly unique and innovative full exhaust system for the Harley touring bike. The REVOLUTION line of 4 Inch Mufflers and True Dual Header System was born in the Spring of 2013. The REVOLUTION line of products is a very high performance, sleek-looking exhaust system, made new, here in the USA. And, of course, these products meet American Custom’s 3 key objectives!

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Out of the Box or Fully Customizable User Experience

At Doogma we don’t stop at the product customization features of your designer. Even the user experience of the Doogma Designer™ is customizable to the precise level you require. Based on the needs of our clientele, we offer three ideal alternatives to best display the customization and personalization options on your site or in-store, achieving the results you want:

1. Doogma’s multi-purpose default thumbnail menu structure
With this solution, you design the look and feel of the options, and the choices are presented to your user within a proven easy-to-use user interface.

2. eCommerce standard swatches and drop-down boxes
If you’re using a standard ecommerce platform such as Magento, Volusion or 3dCart, you can use the default templates for presenting options to end users with dropdown boxes, text boxes and thumbnail swatches. In this case, the Doogma Designer™ integrates directly into the existing product page and we map user selections to display the user’s selections within the Doogma Designer™.

3. Doogma can custom design and build a navigation & UX to your specifications
In some cases, our clients want a custom built navigation experience uniquely designed for a specific application. Doogma can custom design and build a navigation and UX to your specifications. The Doogma professional services team will be happy to custom design a user experience specifically for your products and website.

Our Proven Methodology For Product Customization

The Doogma team is here to assist you with the design and implementation of the most reliable and sophisticated product customization, personalization and bundling solution for your site or in-store buying experience. One you’ve come on board and signed up with us, your product configuration project is assigned to a Doogma expert who will assist you with the planning of your optimal user experience based on your product and buyer needs.

Typically, the process of development usually begins with the Doogma team of experts creating your first Doogma Designers™ for your site. Thereafter, we can provide training so that your graphic design team can continue to maintain and expand the range of product customization options you prefer. Regardless of the process you choose, the Doogma team is always available to provide you with a complete turnkey configurator software solution.

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